Chisasibi residents were recently surprised to find a pair of wayward Montreal youths allegedly selling drugs in the commercial centre and spending what turned out to be counterfeit money.

After a week in town, apparently staying with some local residents, one of the youths was picked up by police and charged with passing counterfeit $50 bills at local stores and the bank.

Chisasibi police chief Samuel House said no counterfeit money was found in the youth’s possession.

But witnesses can testify that he tried to pass the fake money by buying small items in the store and through other means.

House said he couldn’t comment on the allegation of drug dealing, but residents say they witnessed the two youths doing this.

All of 11 fake bills have found so far in circulation in Chisasibi and the bills have the same two serial numbers.

The youth can’t be identified because he is protected under the Youth Offenders Act.

He was arrested on Jan. 17 and taken into custody by the SQ. The youth already had a file with Montreal youth protection authorities.

Just before he arrived in Chisasibi, the youth spent time in Radisson where he allegedly passed around more counterfeit $50s.

During his time in Chisasibi, he was allegedly seen trying to sell hash and cocaine. No word on his companion. House said the arrested youth was alone when he was picked up by police. The investigation is continuing.