Volume 2, Issue 12

Crees, PQ agree to bury the hatchet

A dramatic breakthrough has occurred in Cree-Quebec relations. Grand Chief Matthew Coon Come and Cree Chiefs met for the first time with Premier Jacques Parizeau on May 23. They agreed to resume formal talks on a wide variety of outstanding issues from economic development, infrastructure, services for Elders and the “modernization” ... read more ››

Former Davis Inlet Chief jailed

Davis Inlet’s former Chief, Katie Rich, and another woman from her community were recently jailed for evicting a judge from their community in 1993. “We should be the ones who should judge our own people,” Rich said in a statement from the Stephenville Women’s Correctional Centre. “We were saying the whole ... read more ››

From the GCCQ news desk: Memorandum of understanding

WHEREAS Quebec and the Crees wish to move forward with negotiations with respect to matters related to the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement and other issues; WHEREAS the attached document entitled “Mandate for Negotiations” sets forth an overall negotiation process acceptable to the Cree people and was previously submitted ... read more ››

Fur and Fashion Explosion

The Canadian fur industry held a Fur and Fashion Exposition in Montreal and many came. A major part of the festivities, as you might have seen from the cover in living black and white, was a fashion show in a hotel downtown. Featured in the show was Canada’s premier Native ... read more ››

Fur and Fashion Exposition

The North American Fur and Fashion Exposition in Montreal, now in its 14th year, is considered the biggest fair of its kind in North America. It is also one of the most important fur-marketing events in the world. Over 200 fur, leather and fashion outwear designers, manufacturers and suppliers were on ... read more ››

Goose Hunt 1995

(additional reporting by Paul Rickard) The results are in. It wasn’t a good hunt for many. An early spring ruined many people’s hunt this year and in some places thegeese are still arriving. People in the south are reporting 1,000’s of geese feeding in the fields. Other people are saying the flying ... read more ››

Gun law will fail in court: AFN

(Additional reporting by Paul M. Rickard) Give a single bullet to an unlicensed person and you will face a minimum sentence of one year behind bars and so will the person who got the bullet. That is the future facing First Nations hunters if the gun-control legislation proposed by Justice Minister ... read more ››

Interview with Indian Affairs Minister Ron Irwin

During a recent teleconference with Indian Affairs Minister Ron Irwin The Nation got to ask a few questions. The minister talked about issues near and dear to Native hearts but couldn’t be nailed down to any concrete promises by interviewers. No guarantees on housing, negotiations or assistance to northern communities ... read more ››

Let your modem do the walking

A new computer Bulletin Board Service for the Crees has been added to the so-called information highway. The “Creenet BBS” was launched by the Wemindji First Nation on May 8. It is the first electronic bulletin board in northern Quebec. Anyone with a modem can call the BBS at 819-978-0303 to publicize ... read more ››

My Father Talking about Hunting

(told by Job Bearskin) Take real care of what I am saying. Hopefully, this is how those children who hunt now will know, if hunting was not properly taught to them. I know my father taught me properly. That was how I knew how hunting is done. People talked a lot ... read more ››

Nalukturuk apologizes

Makivik President Simeonie Nalukturuk has apologized to the people of Nunavik for getting into a car accident after drinking alcohol. Nalukturuk made the apology on the “Qittaissaut” program broadcast by the TNI radio service in Salluit. The Inuit leader “promised to do better next time around,” reported Nunatsiaq News. Asked for a ... read more ››

Nitahigan returns to Val d’Or

With construction on its new building nearly finished, the Val d’Or Native Friendship Centre is organizing its second annual fundraising benefit supper and show, Nitahigan II. The Nitahigan will be held June 17 at the Confortel Hotel on the theme “Good dreams find their way.” It will include a cocktail and ... read more ››

Spring goose hunt no longer illegal

After 79 years of being against the law, the spring goose hunt is now legal again. This is according to recent amendments to the Migratory Birds Convention. The amendments finally recognize Native peoples’ right to hunt at any time during the year according to their Aboriginal and treaty rights. But the negotiations ... read more ››

The Bambi Syndrome

In this issue of The Nation you will read some pretty shocking statements (see fur story, page 12). Shocking at least to any of you who haven’t had a run-in with the animal rights groups. The Nation staff attended a fur show in Montreal and of course outside met up ... read more ››

Two Mistissini Crees Recognized

Wally Rabbitskin and Jason Coonishish of Mistissini were honoured with awards at the Gala of Excellence in Chibougamau on May 6. Wally was named athlete of the year for 1994, and Jason won an award for innovation in tourism. They were chosen from among candidates across northern Quebec. Wally came in second ... read more ››