ARTICLES BY Job Bearskin

My Father Talking about Hunting

(told by Job Bearskin) Take real care of what I am saying. Hopefully, this is how those children who hunt now will know, if hunting was not properly taught to them. I know my father taught me properly. That was how I knew how hunting is done. People talked a lot ... read more ››

Inland waterfowl hunting and lifestyle of long ago

(Translated and edited by Brian Webb) I cannot talk about the goose very much. I can about the goose hunting from inland; however, I cannot talk about it from the coastals’ ways. I never hunted for geese here on the coast But inland that is where I can talk about the ... read more ››

My father healing a broken leg

(told by Job Bearskin) I can talk to you a bit about Cree medicine. My father was very old. He told of a story. Once when they where inland, a child’s leg broke. That boy already was walking when people travelled. But after travelling a long time he could not walk ... read more ››

My father helping an axe victim

(told by Job Bearskin) Again I’ll tell of my father how he was a healer. A man accidently chopped his foot—he almost chopped his heel off. He was chopping wood that was lying on the ground. His foot was on the firewood and chopped where the heel protrudes. My father said ... read more ››