ARTICLES BY Robert Harris

The Solution to Diabetes Lies with the People

The Cree Diabetes Network was formed in 1997 to address diabetes in Eeyou Istchee. In line with the National Aboriginal Diabetes Association, we want to create networks and opportunities for individuals and communities within our culture, traditions and values. Anyone is welcome to join. Today, many people are aware of the ... read more ››

Alcohol and cold weather: a deadly mix

How our body responds to the cold when we are under the influence of alcohol Fantasy: We see it in movies. Fantasy No. I – A woman has been caught by an avalanche, she is freezing, and just as she is about to pass out, a great Saint Bernard arrives with ... read more ››

Don’t Tolerate Abuse of Women

At the clinic every day we see women who are badly hurt. Broken bones, broken thumbs, dislocated shoulders, black and swollen eyes, knife wounds, broken ribs. Who does this to them? Some stranger hiding in the bushes? A wild animal infected with rabies? No. This is done by their husbands and ... read more ››