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Gangs in Eeyou Istchee; what is to be done?

Just the mention of the word “gang” elicits strong reactions from the people of Eeyou Istchee. Most people rightly feel that gangs are hurtful, destructive and a huge strain on the community. All you have to do is take a drive around Wemindji to see the evidence of the youth gangs ... read more ››

Washaw Sibi election stands – Returning officer Simeon Trapper is fired Chief Billy Katapatuk will keep power

There’s a new twist to the controversial result in a vote for chief and council of the Cree community of Washaw Sibi last July 26: the community’s returning officer, Simeon Trapper, was fired during an impromptu band council meeting August 7, only two days before the community was to vote ... read more ››

Training future Cree business leaders – Sabtuan Continuing Education pioneers new way to learn

Good news for aspiring entrepreneurs in Eeyou Istchee; you can learn all about developing your business idea and writing your business plan from the comfort of your own home in an easily-accessible online course offered by Sabtuan Continuing Education. The course is given by Heritage College, based in Gatineau, Quebec and ... read more ››

Community consultations on federal agreement

The Grand Council is now touring Cree communities and selected Southern cities for consultation meetings concerning the proposed agreement between the Grand Council of the Cree and the federal government. A board of 15 delegates will discuss the agreement with the individual communities, including two Indian Affairs officials to cover the ... read more ››

Waskaganish First Nation Election Results

Chief – Gordon Blueboy Elected Councillors: Raymond Blackned Sanders Weistche Hugo Hester Stacy Bear Samson Wischee Walter Hester Jr.

Fire fighter competition

This year’s Cree Nation Fire Fighters Challenge was hosted by Whapmagoostui with Cree teams from Chisasibi, Eastmain, Waskaganish, Whapmagoostui, and an Inuit team from Kuujjuarapik. In the team challenges for men Kuujjuarapik placed third, just behind Whapmagoostui’s Team I, with Waskaganish claiming first prize. For the women there were two teams ... read more ››

Do-si-do in Chisasibi

Chisasibi will be swinging partners round and round at its Annual Invitational Square Dance Competition at Job’s Memorial Garden September 5-8. Competitions will be held in four different age groups: junior (12 and under), youth (13-21), preadults (22-29), and adults (30 and over). Within the age groups the categories include ... read more ››

Inuit reach self government deal

The Inuit of Nunavik have reached an agreement with Canada and Quebec that would pave the way for them to take control of their traditional territory and have a full say in the future of health care and education. The Nunavik Regional Government will perform the functions of a municipality as ... read more ››

Body of missing Waskaganish man found

The body of Clark Small of Waskaganish was found the morning of August 22 by locals camping on Jacobs Island. The 22-year-old man was lost in a boating accident while traveling back from Moosonee through James Bay. SQ officer Stephan Lefebvre is in charge of any past and pending investigations.

Football camp launches future stars – Joe Paopao makes return to fourth annual event

Inclement weather forced football-hungry youngsters into Mistissini’s arena during the first day of the Fourth Annual Football Camp August 13-15, but that turned out to be only a minor setback as over 250 kids came out for days two and three that were conducted outside under a sinister-looking but cooperative ... read more ››

Federal agreement debated at AGA

As expected, the new relationship agreement with the Government of Canada was a hot topic at this year’s Grand Council/Cree Regional Authority Annual General Assembly in Chisasibi August 7-9. Many questions about the 20-year, $3.5 billion deal were directed to the Grand Council. One Cree woman, a hunter, asked, “For the ... read more ››

Before those school bells can start ringing

Before those school bells start ringing once again, a cash register symphony will bleep and ka-ching millions of times as a world of weary parents prepare for the annual Back to School rush. On average, the two biggest shopping times of the year for parents are Christmas (obviously) and late summer. ... read more ››

A back-to-school pink eye checkup

When kids head to class this fall, they’ll likely be exposed to more than just the A-B-Cs and 1-2-3s. Unfortunately, schools tend to be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria – including the dreaded pink eye. Are you prepared for when your child catches it this back-to-school season? If ... read more ››

The permanency principle – Changes to the Youth Protection Act could have a big impact on Cree families

During 2005 the Ministry of Health and Social Services of Quebec appointed a group of clinical experts to consult with the various communities in Quebec (including Crees), and to review the Youth Protection Act in its 25th year and recommend any changes that were seen as necessary. Among the more significant ... read more ››

X-Files of the North

When you stand alone in a vast forest or by the great James Bay, hundreds of miles from the nearest village, there is at first a great sense of loneliness. However, when you are from a remote Native community that is full of chaos and confusion, the loneliness and silence ... read more ››