ARTICLES BY Bryan Bishop

The permanency principle – Changes to the Youth Protection Act could have a big impact on Cree families

During 2005 the Ministry of Health and Social Services of Quebec appointed a group of clinical experts to consult with the various communities in Quebec (including Crees), and to review the Youth Protection Act in its 25th year and recommend any changes that were seen as necessary. Among the more significant ... read more ››

To What Extent Has Assimilation Taken Place in Cree Communities?

As an outsider looking inward into the Cree communities, there would seem to be more assimilation that has taken place over the last 400-500 years of colonization than is readily apparent to the people themselves. I say this as a person belonging to an ethnic minority in Canada for whom culture ... read more ››

Unholy Priests

One cannot help but wonder what is going through the mind of a priest such as John Geoghan as he is sexually abusing over 130 children during the last 30 years. It is also difficult to understand what goes through the mind of a man like Cardinal Bernard Law as he ... read more ››

Awaash shiishikun Kamik: Childcare centre inauguration in Waswanipi

Monday, April 22, was a special day for children and families in Waswanipi. It was the inauguration of the new extension to the Awaash Shiishikun Kamik Childcare Center. It was an extension that the Director, Angel Nakogee Saganash, was justifiably proud to show off to visitors. She has been with the ... read more ››

One night of fun can turn a life upside down: AIDS and natives

In 1992 Rene Boucher moved to Vancouver to attend school at a Native College. He was in his second year studying Accounting and doing well when he went out partying with some friends during the Christmas break. Then, says Rene, all it took was one night of unprotected sex with a ... read more ››

Seeking Help to Stay Strong

Reaching out for help in times of trouble is not a sign of weakness. Instead it is about wanting to stay strong. But sometimes pride is everything and we are more likely to go to a hospital with a broken leg or a throat infection than see a psychologist or a ... read more ››

Some Ways to Improve the Parent/Teen Relationshipnts

For anyone who remembers being a teenager, you would remember that it was your parents and other adults who were the problem. They wanted you to come in “on time,” help with chores at home, do your school work, and be a little “goody-too-shoes.” And what was so wrong with smoking ... read more ››

Youth Protection Is A Community Affair

Youth Protection is a community affair in spite of the fact that the Youth Protection Act is a foreign law to Cree and other native communities. Before Canadian law was introduced into the communities, the concept of caring for children is a value that has kept the Cree communities strong for ... read more ››