At the 2001 Annual General Assembly, a resolution was passed by the Chiefs supporting the Regional Public Health Department promoting awareness of HIV/AIDS. On October 18 and 19, 2002, the project got underway. The Regional Health Promotion Officer, George Diamond, brought together Cree Health Representatives (CHR’s) and Public Health Officers (PHO’s) at a brainstorming session in Montreal. Diamond emphasized the need to develop an HIV/ AIDS prevention/awareness campaign for the nine Cree communities. Diamond asked the delegates for their input and ideas on what steps can be taken to better inform the Cree population on HIV/AIDS. The delegates’ first and foremost concern was that they had very little knowledge on HIV/ AIDS. The number one priority for them is to receive adequate training so that they could better equip themselves with the culturally-adapted awareness and prevention tools needed to address HIV/AIDS in their communities. Because of the lack of funding at the Cree Health Board for training purposes, it was proposed by Diamond that the local Community Health Representatives and Public Health Officers develop partnerships with existing local resources and to implement health committees in the communities. The communities of Mistissini and Waswanipi have local health committees and the delegates from these two communities said the committees proved beneficial because they integrated their services and it formed a more effective working relationship amongst the service providers. Also, they found themselves not as overwhelmed as they would have been working alone. It was also discussed that because HIV/AIDS would be difficult for them to translate when promoting awareness that the Cree School Board would be the best resource to find the proper terminology for HIV/AIDS.