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The Nation's best finds at the 2015 hunting and fishing show

Will Nicholls at the 2015 show To help you trick out your outdoors experience, The Nation visited the Hunting, Fishing & Camping Show at Place Bonaventure February 19-22, where we checked out what’s new in gear, guns and gizmos. The event featured 250 exhibitors, sprawled out over 225,000 square feet of showroom, showcasing the ... read more ››

Montreal protest march brings new meaning to Valentine’s Day

Justice for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, a grassroots Montreal campaign, shifted the focus of Valentine’s Day away from flowers and Hallmark cards this year to address the mistreatment, violence and disappearance of Native women across the country. Hundreds of supporters braved -30 temperatures during a march from Cabot Square down ... read more ››

Reflections on the life of Matthew Iserhoff, Sr.

On the morning of February 6, 2015, my wife Danielle and I received the news that Matthew Iserhoff, Sr. had passed away that morning. He was the father of our son-in-law, Matthew A. Iserhoff. Our hearts were broken. I first met Mr. Iserhoff in Montreal in 1970. He was enrolled at ... read more ››

Canadian courts say tax exemption is not there to benefit people economically: Appeal rejected, Fights wears on for the weary

Roger Obonsawin is in the seventh year of a fight for values, culture and beliefs. This month he found out that his battle could likely carry on for another seven years – not only at his expense, but also for the thousands of Aboriginal peoples in Canada who earn income ... read more ››

Feds defend slow pace of residential school settlements

The Canadian press reports that government officials will move faster to compensate those abused in Indian residential schools. But critics warn victims caught in a sluggish process are dying off. “We’re making a lot of progress out there,” said Shawn Tupper, director general for Indian Residential Schools Resolution Canada. Since the ... read more ››

Some Ways to Improve the Parent/Teen Relationshipnts

For anyone who remembers being a teenager, you would remember that it was your parents and other adults who were the problem. They wanted you to come in “on time,” help with chores at home, do your school work, and be a little “goody-too-shoes.” And what was so wrong with smoking ... read more ››

The way to walk is with your head high

Everyone was talking about them, the walkers for diabetes awareness. It was exciting to know that people could still walk the way our ancestors did, with dogs and sleds. As they appeared out of the trail from across the river, I marveled at the speed they crossed the last stretch ... read more ››

Sustainable Development Moot At McGill

It was a contentious Moot (an assembly where people debate certain issues in a structured manner) at McGill on sustainable development in the James Bay. First year law students were lucky enough to see a panel consisting of Romeo Saganash of the Grand Council, Claude Demers of Hydro-Quebec, Phil Raphals ... read more ››

Sun Peaks Protesters Face Criminal Charges

Two Elders, Irene Billy & Charlie Willard, a spiritual leader, Henry Saul and a young warrior, George Manuel Jr. are appeared in court March 12 on charges of criminal contempt for refusing to leave their home and the Skwelkwek’welt Protection Centre located at Skwelkwek’welt and on unceded Secwepemc Traditional Territory. The ... read more ››

What is the New Economy? A Youth Perspective

I am a 24-year-old youth who loves talking economic development in Eeyou/Eenou Estchee, as a beneficiary of the Cree lands of our Eeyou/Eenou Estchee. What does the new economy mean to us, the Crees of Quebec? Well, here is one point of view I think we should pay close attention to. ... read more ››

Under The Northern Sky Too Cold to Forget

Snowstorms are [ust another part of life during the winter season in my home community of Attawapiskat on the James Bay coast. I have many memories as a young boy playing in the snow outside our front door in the middle of a blizzard with my young brothers. Most of ... read more ››

A strong case against bio-piracy: Traditional remedies should not be patentable

A recent wire story reveals what may become the next hot global trade issue. Some 600 Indian tribes in Brazil have asked their government to protect them from “bio-piracy,” that is, attempts by corporations to patent or copyright traditional aboriginal knowledge, from potions and herbal remedies to exotic plant extracts. “We ... read more ››

The Doqs Ear

Tales of the Cherokee 1 & 2 Adapted and Illustrated by Gene Gonzales Published by Mandalay Books, P.O. Box 4761 Johnson City, TN. 37602 United States I have to say Wow! I have to say Great! I have to say once again that Crees should be doing this. Tales of ... read more ››