Volume 23, Issue 2

2015 Christmas Shopping Guide: A look at what's hot for the cold season

With the holiday season jingling bells and cash registers throughout Eeyou Istchee, many are scouring the Internet in search of the perfect gift or planning a trip south to fill up their Santa sacks. The challenge can be finding the time to get it all and getting it all right. This is ... read more ››

A Christmas to remember

Wachiya! My name is Christopher Stephen. I am from Waskaganish. I am a Cree journalist. Most of you must know me from the airwaves of CBC North-Quebec. I am honoured and I am happy to bring you some stories here at The Nation. I will try to bring you the ... read more ››

Band-aid solutions: Grand Chief critiques Quebec's response to Val d'Or crisis

A month has passed since the Radio-Canada program Enqûete aired stunning allegations of abuse by SQ officers against Aboriginal women in Val-d’Or. Though the initial upheaval has passed, discussions about the matter among politicians are continuing. As this issue of the Nation goes to press, the Chiefs of the Assembly ... read more ››


How does one start an editorial? It is a question that I deal with every issue of The Nation. There is always something to say, but what is important to say? This week I am going to break one of our rules for this editorial. The rule is simple; we ... read more ››

Celebrating 40 years since the JBNQA: the Cree still protect their land

This year marks the 40 anniversary of the signing of the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement (JBNQA). According to Grand Chief Matthew Coon Come the moment is an important milestone and a time for reflection. “In celebrating the 40th anniversary of the JBNQA we have looked both backwards, to remind ... read more ››


I wanted to write an article about an issue that I constantly hear about. A question that is constantly being brought up is: Do First Nations benefit from white-dominated social systems? European practices and institutions are of questionable use and effectiveness for Aboriginal people. How can we as Aboriginal people ... read more ››

I remember years and years and years ago…

I remember years and years and years ago when I was about nine or 10 calculating how old I’d be when the year 2000 would finally come around. I remember thinking how far off it was and how old I’d be. In case you’ve only just finished your New Year’s ... read more ››


I was about five years old when I actually saw these great magnificent rapids named “Uchimaau Paaushtikuu,” but for many years I never knew its location. Throughout my life I never saw these rapids again with my own eyes, but only in memory would I often see them again. In ... read more ››

Mistissini business owner says development conference produced no plans

The Eeyou-Eenou Economic Development Conference brought together business people and government workers to discuss ways to improve economic prospects in E­eyou Istchee. But one businessperson who attended the November 10-11 event at the Neoskweskau Sports Complex in Mistissini came away disappointed. Calvin Blacksmith, the owner-operator of Cree Source for Sports in ... read more ››

Of Spies and Men

A lot has happened since the last time I checked out the social climate of the world. In a whirlwind month of November, Friday the 13th became a day known worldwide for terrorist attacks against the people and values of France. Terrorism has been going on for some time now ... read more ››


The funeral for nine Inuit who lost their lives in an avalanche in Kangiqsualujjuaq took place last week, but a storm of questions remains about why the disaster happened and whether it could have been prevented. At 1:30 a.m. on New Year’s Day, an avalanche smashed through a wall of the ... read more ››

One night in Paris

My night in Paris started with my friend and I getting a bit lost on Boulevard Henri IV while looking for the Bastille. From our pause on the corner we were looking at a map in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Parisians making their way along the ... read more ››


It has been 40 years since the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement (JBNQA) was signed. I remember those days, which had a vast influence over how Cree economics, politics and culture have developed to this day. Something precious was taken from us that wounded the spirit but made us ... read more ››

Special Assembly for Wildlife and Habitat

A special assembly in Chisasibi November 3-5 discussed wildlife and habitat issues in the James Bay region and heard about the Cree Nation Government’s vision for land use, marine habitat and protected areas in Eeyou Istchee. Isaac Voyageur, Director of Environment and Remedial Works and Regional Environment Administrator, told the Nation ... read more ››

The Hannah Bay Massacre

As told by George Diamond Sr. and Louise Diamond Interviewed by Christopher Stephen Translation by Brian Webb I will talk about what I was asked to talk about today. This was really long ago. Many of the Elders who told the stories are not alive anymore. This happened long ago. I don’t really ... read more ››

Why I don’t go to school in Mistissini

This story is about why I don’t go to school in my hometown of Mistissini. I am now 14 years old, and in Secondary 3. I go to school in Ouje-Bougoumou. I used to go to school in Mistissini, but it was too rough for me. There, I cried almost ... read more ››