ARTICLES BY Marilyn Bearskin-Herodier

Helping a friend with AIDS

I wanted to write this article in honor of a friend of mine who is living with a terminal illness. My friend has A.I.D.S. Idon’twant to write about the illness itself, but rather the emotional and spiritual aspect of this illness. I hadn’t seen my friend in over 10 years, and ... read more ››

We and our children are unfairly taxed

The first time I had heard that Northern Stores would put into effect a new federal government policy requiring band numbers to make tax-free purchases, it didn’t seem like too much of a big deal. Then I saw a cashier ask a small child of only five or six years ... read more ››


I wanted to write an article about an issue that I constantly hear about. A question that is constantly being brought up is: Do First Nations benefit from white-dominated social systems? European practices and institutions are of questionable use and effectiveness for Aboriginal people. How can we as Aboriginal people ... read more ››

“If You Feel Alone, You’re Not…Listen to Your Heart.”

Since I started writing these issues on Domestic Violence, I haven’t yet mentioned to you women out there how to get out and why you have to get out of your abusive relationship. Maybe I wasn’t yet ready myself and I didn’t really have an answer. I guess I had ... read more ››

A Safe Place: Women’s Shelters

This issue we will talk about one of the reasons why women can’t get out of abusive relationships and maybe we can help by telling women that there are resources for them, like women’s shelters. First of all, let’s ask ourselves why can’t they get out and try to end the ... read more ››

10 Long Years: Ann Martin’s story

For too long now, from generation to generation, spousal abuse has been shrouded in a veil of secrecy and hidden behind a wall of silence. I want to share other women’s experiences with you, and also those of older generations, their beliefs, their teachings. And how we have come to face ... read more ››