Volume 22, Issue 15

“I just wanna ride my bicycle” Kwanah Sioui-Moar – downhill mountain biker

People use the expression “It’s like riding a bike” in reference to a task that’s easy to do, as if it’s almost second nature, one that seems to require no thought or skill whatsoever. Riding a bicycle may be a relatively easy thing to do next to, say, riding an ... read more ››

Our Forum to fame…

20 years of Mamauiitau have flashed by the screen on nearly every television in the Cree world and have left a lasting indelible impression on many people. From the time that it was first introduced and the faces of Emily, Diane, Diane, Bentley Charlotte and Ernie And Many others became ... read more ››

Parents Want Forensic Audit of School

A group of parents in Whapmagoostui is calling for a forensic audit of the community’s school. The call came in an anonymous five-page open letter that complains of a “very real crisis” in the Badabin Eeyou School. The letter was signed by “some concerned parents.” It lists numerous problems with everything from students’ ... read more ››

Pollution causes polar bear sex changes

Polar bears, Arctic foxes and Inuit peoples are under threat from man-made toxins such as polychlorinated byphenyls (PCBs) that build up in the food chain, reveals new research reported in the Independent newspaper of London, England. Environmental and animal groups are calling for a global ban on the production of the ... read more ››

Supporting the Arts

There is a vibrant and thriving Aboriginal arts community in Canada. We have some magnificent writers, musicians, dancers, storytellers and visual artists. Many of these artists are familiar with the Canada Council, which is a federal government body that provides support to Canadian artists. In Ontario we also have the ... read more ››

The Canadian Museum of Human Slights

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights opened last September surrounded by controversy. Protestors at the ribbon-cutting ceremony ranged from First Nations members to Palestinians. A Tribe Called Red cancelled their show at the opening gala. By then, it had become clear that the museum was an exercise in Conservative propaganda. James Kafieh, ... read more ››

The wood chip controversy

The Crees of eastern James Bay may be entering into a new relationship with Quebec but there are storm clouds on the horizon. Gary Cooper says he hasn’t seen any evidence of this new relationship that the Crees are supposed to be enjoying with the rest of Quebec. Cooper says ... read more ››

US cracks down on Native tobacco dealers

U.S. investigators call it a modern-day Prohibition. The only difference is, this time the hot commodity is cigarettes, not liquor. Law enforcement officials claim Western New York is a hotbed of cigarette smuggling, a centre for a new wave of illegal activity spurred by higher state taxes on cigarettes. In the ... read more ››

Where is Here?: Canada’s Maps and the Stories They Tell

“Because [I am] afraid of drowning.” This was the answer an Inuit elder gave when asked why he was so skilled at reading the weather. Like many of his people, he became skilled at reading the signs in the clouds and the changing bite and smell of a cold front. ... read more ››