Volume 20, Issue 2

Boris la moufette moves into the cottage

I love my wilderness retreat. It is great to be out on the land in the far north surrounded by tall pine and situated on the side of a pristine esker lake. Much of my time is passed working away at renovations and, of course, watching the wildlife as they ... read more ››

Cracking down

The Eeyou Eenou Police Force (EEPF) has upped the ante in its crackdown on drugs and alcohol in Eeyou Istchee. In the past few months, the number of busts of suppliers in the region has dramatically increased. Police Director Reggie Bobbish reported on November 6 the successful execution of a series ... read more ››

Cree Hockey News & Notes

Senior Hockey & Broomball The 32nd Annual Cree Senior Hockey & Broomball Tournament kicks off on Thursday, December 6, at the Air Creebec Centre in Val-d’Or. One of the premier events on the Cree calendar, this year’s tourney will feature action in seven categories, including Men’s Class A Open Hockey, Class ... read more ››

Destroyed by flames

It was a Remembrance Day to remember this year in Whapmagoostui when the Youth Centre went up in flames. The centre served the community for 10 years. It was where holidays, church services, gatherings, weddings, concerts and other events took place. “I know for a fact that this building will never ... read more ››

Financial transparency

Relations between First Nations and the federal government aren’t what they used to be. First Nations leaders across Canada are frustrated with not being consulted on legislation before Parliament. In this case, it’s Bill C-27: First Nations Financial Transparency Act and many leaders feel it’s heavy-handed and gives the wrong ... read more ››

From foreclosure to sustainability

You’re not making your payments, so we’re going to have to take your truck – your business – from you. Kevin Blacksmith of Waswanipi heard this bouncing around in his head as he worked his snowplowing job on Route 113, and wondered if the work would pick up like the ... read more ››

Grand Chief Coon Come and Premier Marois meet for first time

Ties between the new Quebec government and the James Bay Cree were solidified during a meeting between Grand Chief Matthew Coon Come and Premier Pauline Marois on November 19. This was the first such meeting since the Parti Québécois was voted into power on September 4. The purpose of the meeting ... read more ››

IT cold turkey

Recently, the weather has been acting up and in some cases, the weather was so bad it cut out the power in certain regions and communities. Power outages seem to be the new social enemy as many people depend on the merits of electricity. But where does it come from, ... read more ››

Making a list and checking it twice…

As the snows of Eeyou Istchee settle in for the season, children far and wide begin to dream of that incredible big morning after Santa visits… and we adults have to start planning out just what and where we will get all of that bounty that goes under our trees. Yes, ... read more ››

Native sights and sounds

Enjoying the fruits of one’s labour is the most satisfying part of working on a project. After spending six weeks in Montreal aiding youth in the art of filmmaking and production, Wapikoni Mobile showcased the work produced by young urban Aboriginals. On November 13, Wapikoni Mobile screened nine short films and ... read more ››

Pillars of propaganda

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before… A people is herded off its ancestral lands onto tiny, overcrowded and often infertile wastelands by a newly arrived occupier. Their economy is squeezed and blockaded at every turn. Their culture and language mark them as somehow less than completely human. Their ... read more ››

Soundtrack of my life

My son, Raymond Maybee Jr., like his father before him, started up his own band called The Remedies. It’s true that music always played a healing role in my family. I’d also say that fiddle music is what links the Quebec Cree to every other Canadian province in the happiest ... read more ››

Stornoway Diamond signs agreement involving Route 167 extension

Stornoway Diamonds entered into a new agreement with the Quebec government that puts the responsibility for the Route 167 extension under Stornoway’s direct management. This new agreement replaces two previous ones between Quebec and Stornoway. The Route 167 extension is necessary for the construction of Stornoway’s Renard Diamond Project. The road will ... read more ››