Volume 18, Issue 2

All's Well That Ends Well

In November 1993, a group of eight students from my high-school English class in Attawapiskat agreed to collaborate on a Christmas play. We wrote our own script which we presented at a combined elementary school / high school Christmas concert at the JR Nakogee Elementary School gymnasium. Our group of ... read more ››

Finding the right path

They say persecution is the systematic mistreatment of one group by another and one of the most commons forms is religious persecution. As a matter of fact, in the 2000 years of the Christian faith, about 70 million believers have been killed for their faith. In fact, historically, what is considered ... read more ››

Foster homes sought

A long-term foster family is being sought for 15-month-old George of Inuit heritage. He is a delightful, happy and curious little boy who loves to be around people. He is walking and has discovered that running allows him to go faster. So George gets into and around things very quickly ... read more ››

Hurry down the chimney tonight!

As the snow begins to settle in for the season and the days grow shorter, Christmas is finally in the air and if you haven’t already started, the time to start checking those lists to see who’s been naughty or nice. Already the malls are packed with frantic shoppers looking to ... read more ››

Inuk pilot honoured

Johnny May of Kuujuuaq, Nunavik, was inducted into the Quebec Air and Space Hall of Fame Nov. 23 in Longueil. Along with astronaut Julie Payette and a group of pre-World War I pilots, May was recognized for his contribution in aviation. May, 65, began flying in the 1960s when the north ... read more ››

Man dies in Chisasibi jail cell

Roger Snowboy, 49, was found dead in his police cell after being detained overnight by Chisasibi police on the night of November 18. According to Chisasibi Police Director Samuel House, Snowboy had been picked up by police for public intoxication and disturbances. House stated that Snowboy had been a “regular” ... read more ››

No Glo For Strateco?

After assuring the Nation and others that Mistissini was on board for Strateco Resources’ uranium exploration project in the Otish Mountains, Strateco was told the community didn’t want the project in a hearing in Mistissini held on November 23. The main reason that Mistissini residents rejected the project was that it ... read more ››

No longer a hold-out

On November 12, the Canadian government finally signed the United Nations Declaration of Indigenous Rights. Canada was one of the four countries to vote against granting these rights to its Aboriginal Peoples three years ago. This after the previous federal governments spent years supporting and encouraging Aboriginal Peoples around the ... read more ››

Open letter to the bootleggers, pushers, drug dealers, drinkers, abusers and criminals of Eastmain

The people of Eastmain have a message for you. We have had enough of you and of the problems you are creating in our community. Problems such as child neglect, physical abuse, family break-ups and so on. Because of you, Eastmain has become a sick community, a dirty community, a community which ... read more ››

Razzle dazzle in TO

The very first Gemini awards ceremony took place in Toronto in 1986 and were hosted by, get this, Eugene Levy, Dave Thomas and Andrea Martin stars of SCTV and countless Hollywood movies. Some would charge that the night has been all downhill from there and they could be right when ... read more ››

Re-connecting with the spiritual past

“Sam Masty, speaking in 1974 at Great Whale River, said Walton was the ‘first man to tell people to put away the things they believed; the first to change many people.’ Masty explained that the people lost the supernatural powers ‘when they heard about Jesus Christ from the missionaries…. The ... read more ››

The road to safer homes and stronger communities

The subject of domestic violence was addressed in Chisasibi from November 16-18 at the Family Violence Symposium with the hopes that in years to come, policies and programs will exist to curb violence in the Cree communities. For some it seems violence has become a way of life in the Cree ... read more ››

Why I like APTN

One of my favourite things to do on a cold stormy night is to watch television shows of any variety. I usually tune into APTN National News, just to see if I can recognize anyone passing by in any of the many protest across the country. Sometimes, I would see ... read more ››