The people of Eastmain have a message for you.

We have had enough of you and of the problems you are creating in our community. Problems such as child neglect, physical abuse, family break-ups and so on.

Because of you, Eastmain has become a sick community, a dirty community, a community which is no longer safe for our children, our grandchildren and our Elders.

The Eastmain Police are limited in what they can do and we, the people of Eastmain, are more than fed up with your activities. We all know who you are and if the Police can only do so much, then we intend to take action and have the Council adopt measures that will make you stop your criminal ways, measures such as house repossession, eviction, banishment from the community and providing evidence to the Police.

We will stop at nothing to put an end to your activities.

Look at the names below, you will find members of your own family, neighbours and friends that are telling you to stop what you are doing. Beware. Don’t get the people more angry at you.

Keep in mind that we will be watching you.
Signed by 50 members of the Cree Nation of Eastmain