Volume 17, Issue 26

A tale of two sons

When I began writing this column almost two years ago, one of my first subjects (the second, in fact) was the seismic shift in the media landscape taking place across Canada. Canwest Global, then the nation’s biggest owner of daily newspapers, as well as the Global-TV network, other TV stations and ... read more ››

Cree schools failing our children

This is just an idea that I think the Nation should try writing about. My son attends the elementary school here in Waskaganish. He is in Grade 1 French. Since he has been attending the school it has been nothing but violence between the students. My son comes home almost ... read more ››

How to Lose the North

There has been a lot of talk about the battle fought by the people of Sept-Îles against the uranium mine project there. Currently, there is an active debate surrounding the exploitation of shale gas. Meanwhile, just 975 km north of there, the first uranium mine in Quebec is quietly cutting ... read more ››

Let’s hear it for the maestro

Mohawk musician, composer, conductor, producer, social activist and energy executive John Kim Bell has been honoured in the past for his accomplishments in individual fields but he has never been recognized for his entire body of work. However, that will change this year as he will be getting a lifetime ... read more ››


In many ways, our means of communications have changed dramatically from ancient mumbo jumbo gestures at sighting a rack of bananas and painting on the walls of caves. Today, a goat herder in Zimbabwe can order pizza from New York City with the rare anchovy on top. At the same time, ... read more ››

Positive reinforcement

Hearing about the fact that Eeyou Istchee has an exploding Type 2 diabetes problem, that more cases are always on the rise and that there is a myriad of health complications that result from it are an everyday reality in the Cree communities. How could it not be when just about ... read more ››

Shannen’s dream for education

In the wake of Attawapiskat youth leader Shannen Koostachin’s death in May, a new organization is being launched to carry on Koostachin’s dream for all First Nations youth in Canada to have access a proper education on par with the rest of the country. Though only 15 at the time of ... read more ››

Shootings in Mistissini two weeks in a row

On October 15 and then again on October 23, two separate and apparently unrelated shooting incidents occurred in Mistissini. According to Amos Crown Prosecutor François Doyon, the first incident resulted in Dylan Brian, 19, being charged with 29 counts. “Most of the counts are gun-related – careless use of a firearm, possession ... read more ››

The Facebook Standoff

I thought I had heard, read or seen almost everything until I heard about the Facebook standoff. This incident involved Willie Blacksmith of Mistissini, two guns, alcohol and whole lot of foolishness. I don’t even need to talk to the police on those points because Blacksmith himself was on Facebook the ... read more ››

Unifying against police violence

Since she began crusading for a public inquiry into the death of her mother, Gladys Tolley, who died after being struck by a Sûreté du Québec vehicle while walking home through her home community of Kitigan Zibi in 2001, Bridget Tolley has gone to just about every legal means to ... read more ››

Val-d’Or business delegation visits three Cree communities

From October 19-21, 15 entrepreneurs and entities from the Chamber of Commerce of Val-d’Or took part in an orientation trip to Oujé-Bougoumou, Waswanipi and Mistissini. The idea behind the trip was to showcase the businesses and services available from Val-d’Or to the Cree, while at the same time becoming acquainted ... read more ››

Waging war on diabetes

I got good news this weekend thanks to my visit to the Diabetes Expo in Timmins. The Wabun Tribal Council health department set up an information booth at the event with a community health nurse who provided on the spot glucose level blood tests for visitors. As an Aboriginal person ... read more ››

Walking for everyone’s wellness

Quebec’s first Aboriginal surgeon and first Aboriginal to be head of the Quebec Medical Association is embarking on the most ambitious journey of his life: to walk on foot to almost every Quebec First Nation while spreading a special message for youth and accumulating valuable traditional knowledge. Spanning a period of ... read more ››