On October 15 and then again on October 23, two separate and apparently unrelated shooting incidents occurred in Mistissini.

According to Amos Crown Prosecutor François Doyon, the first incident resulted in Dylan Brian, 19, being charged with 29 counts.

“Most of the counts are gun-related – careless use of a firearm, possession of a weapon for purposes dangerous to public peace, using a firearm while committing an offense, discharging a firearm while being reckless as to the life or safety of other people, assault with a weapon, pointing a firearm, uttering threats, causing unnecessary pain and suffering or injury to an animal and two counts of attempted murder,” said Doyon.

According to reports, the incident occurred at 5:45 am and for 15 minutes multiple shots were fired resulting in three people being injured.

Doyon could confirm that the animal injured during the incident was a dog and that it died. However, he could not provide more details about the case other than the fact that Brian was on parole, which he broke, and that he expects that more charges will be laid.

The second incident occurred on Saturday evening, October 23, when Willie Blacksmith apparently began to fire shots in Mistissini. According to witnesses, a standoff between Blacksmith and the police then ensued after he barricaded himself in a house while officers surrounded the building.

According to Doyon, Blacksmith is being charged with five counts that include: careless use of a firearm, possession of a weapon for a purpose that is dangerous to the public peace, uttering threats to police officers and discharging a firearm in a place while being reckless and uttering threats to burn, destroy or damage real or personal property that is a house.

Friends have reported via Facebook that while Blacksmith was inside the house during the standoff, he was posting updates about himself being involved in the incident.