I thought I had heard, read or seen almost everything until I heard about the Facebook standoff. This incident involved Willie Blacksmith of Mistissini, two guns, alcohol and whole lot of foolishness.

I don’t even need to talk to the police on those points because Blacksmith himself was on Facebook the entire time and posted comments while the standoff was happening. For instance, Blacksmith at 8:11 pm posts “what 2 fukn doo I think im goin crazy”.

Then at around 8:45, police were informed that shots were fired. They moved in and attempted to defuse the situation. Blacksmith poured gas in the house and whenever police tried to move in or enter the residence he would threaten to set the house and himself on fire.

At 9:45 Blacksmith was back on Facebook posting: “gun shots…dass me police lockin da streets i think im drunk.”

Surprisingly 15 people immediately commented on his post.

Here are a few samples:

Gloria-april Lameboy Hey willie remember ppl love you so dont do anything stupid think about ur famz n ur friends willie =)

Jason Coonishish Hi Willy my friend we need to talk surrender buddy

Miranda Coonishish damn.. you’re smarter than that!

Brendidge Bsmith Dont do anytghing stupid willie. I love you

Gloria-april Lameboy Then dont play with the gun willie you silly willie lol jabweh ur probably drunk nah saah willie ahgoo eesheeth

At 12:49 am, Blacksmith posted: dont kno wat 2 doo….sq n police all over my place i think im drunk n i have 2 gunss

Again people were quick to respond.

Greg Gunner i know ur reading this whole comments will… Do The Right Thing like others say… idk if i can sleep … that situation is not you… thats Not willie i know.. 🙁 Empty out the shells and throw it outside that gun…

Teresa Mattawashish Please stop willie.

Nigel Gunner yeah willie you should buddy…

Patrick Cameron Petawabano Time to stop, my friend.

Brendidge Bsmith Ok please give up. walk out with ur hands in the air ok. this is enough. I love you and Im crying my honey bun. please walk out ok

Patricia Mattawashish just come out willie…put the gun down…please???

Bella-Jamie Ottereyes Willie.. do whats right, just go out . , i think u shud quit drinkin’ cuz , do what u think is best for u.. i love u! , and i hope u do what is right .

P-j Gunner Just put down the guns buddy and walk out

At 4:10 am, Blacksmith posted his last post that read: sorry everyone…i surrender now eks no choice

He read the comments to his surrender post and surrendered to the police at around 4:25 am.

Blacksmith is being charged on five counts that you can read about in the Briefs (on page 9).

It is obvious that Blacksmith had friends and people who were concerned for him but a combination of boredom and alcohol lead to the latest round of idiocy.

In the end that’s all it really is – idiocy. Yes, there are societal and residential school intergenerational effects that play a factor but they cannot be used as an excuse.

People were traumatized, concerned, worried and upset.

It seems that if you want attention use Facebook, but you don’t need a gun or a standoff to get it. People will respond and just because you are having a bad time doesn’t mean you have to make sure everyone else has one too.

Sure misery loves company but most of us don’t like that party. Buy trigger locks for your guns and give the keys to a friend if you can’t control yourself.

Let’s make our communities safer. If we have to lets have a special general assembly, either locally or regionally, to deal with these types of foolishness that cost so much.