Volume 15, Issue 24

Attawapiskat Kids Take on the Federal Government

Continuing their fight for a proper school, the children of the Ontario Cree community of Attawapiskat are attempting to raise funds to go to Toronto for a first-ever children’s conference to be held on November 26. Timmins-James Bay NDP MP Charlie Angus stated, “The Attawapiskat School campaign has become the largest ... read more ››

Avoiding bullets: Getting drunk and firing off a gun is becoming a frequent occurrence in Eeyou Istchee

On four occasions in the past two months – August 4 and 30, Sept. 5 and 20 – Mistissini has become one large shooting range for local partiers. It seems to be the big thing now is to get drunk with your friends, pull out your closest firearm and start ... read more ››

Barriere Lake Algonquins slapped twice in the face

As if it wasn’t bad his personal assistant racially slurred a protesting Barriere Lake youth spokesman, now Conservative MP for Pontiac and Transport Minister Lawrence Cannon is telling community members that they will have to wait until after the election to see their urgent needs met. On September 18, Norman Matchewan, ... read more ››

Blade Story: Though the crooked knife is as common to Crees as geese and snow, the knife’s history extends back to the Stone Age

The crooked knife, also known as the drawknife or muuhkutaakan in Cree, was revolutionized by the European introduction of iron. However, prior to that its origins reach as far back as the Stone Age. According to author Russell Jalbert, who – along with his son Ned – wrote Mocotaugan: The Story ... read more ››

Cree craftspeople at the Maison amerindienne

The Cree Native Arts and Crafts Association (CNACA) is pleased to announce that Cree craftspeople and crafts will be featured from October 28 to November 30 in a photography exhibit at the Maison amerindienne. Participants in the exhibit – devoted exclusively to First Nations artists -agreed to be photographed and to ... read more ››

Hanging out eco-style: The first truly ecological lodge in Canada is on the shores of Lake Matagami

The fire that heats the hot tub sits beneath the water’s surface. A fresh August wind cuts briskly through the northern Quebec forest, pinching bare shoulders. Whitecaps whip across Matagami Lake – in sharp contrast with the steam from the fragrant cedar tub. The welcome is warm at the Ecolodge. As ... read more ››

Islands and Youth: Offshore islands and the Cree School Board problems were the hot topics: at the Council Board meetings as Cree leadership congregated in downtown Montreal last month

Both youth and land and their respective futures were on the table for discussion at Council Board meetings where local chiefs, Cree governance, members of various boards and other concerned individuals came together September 23 and 24 at Montreal’s Delta Hotel to contemplate what to do. September 23 was devoted entirely ... read more ››

More moving woes: As the October 17 deadline to move to Mistissini looms, Cree Health Board workers continue to file grievances with their union

While it’s hard to find an employee at the Public Health Department of the Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay who actually disagrees with the board’s move in theory, very few of them have anything positive to say about how the board went about the move. “Right ... read more ››

National Aboriginal Youth Suicide Prevention Strategy

World Suicide Prevention Day was held on September 10. National Chief Phil Fontaine took this opportunity to express the need to expand the National Aboriginal Youth Suicide Prevention Strategy (NAYSPS). “The NAYSPS is making a real difference because, for the first time, communities can develop a crisis plan and projects aimed ... read more ››

Party Roundup! As the federal election draws closer, party promises become juicier as new promises abound in an attempt to win over voters

As October 14 draws nearer, the race for votes grows tighter with every political party having put its best foot forward with fully unveiled campaign platforms. With overlap on issues between the parties and endless campaign promises that could be too good to be true, when it comes to selecting ... read more ››

Post me, post me not…

Sometimes life’s aggravations seem to intensify at certain points in time, like when you try to buy a vehicle or big-ticket item at a store, dealership or even by mail, and then get rejected. What a bummer… Can’t buy that car, even though it could be a good deal and ... read more ››

Walk 4 Justice

On Monday, September 15, Elders, youth, women, men and professionals gathered in Ottawa to present the cases of all Aboriginal women missing across Canada to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and call for a full public inquiry into their disappearances. Both organizers and volunteers left on foot from Vancouver on June 21 ... read more ››

What a catch! A dangerous fishing trip turns into a life-changing experience for one man

Fishing is tremendous. We have to learn how to use boats and motors, to know lakes and rivers, the danger hidden under the water… At the same time, we learn the proper use of our fishing gear, good fishing spots and the most important: find a good fishing pal to ... read more ››

Where’s the money?: Though INAC ordered the rebuilding of flood-damaged Kashechewan, the ministry is now withholding the remaining $2.5 million owed to the Mushkegowuk Council

After a 2005 flood in Kashechewan resulted in a complete evacuation of the reserve and severe damages to many of the residences, amidst public pressure, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada began to roll out the bucks to rebuild 60 homes. As Kashechewan itself was unable to administer the large-scale project with ... read more ››