The Cree Native Arts and Crafts Association (CNACA) is pleased to announce that Cree craftspeople and crafts will be featured from October 28 to November 30 in a photography exhibit at the Maison amerindienne.

Participants in the exhibit – devoted exclusively to First Nations artists -agreed to be photographed and to show their work at the request of Suzanne Bourdon, a volunteer who has been supporting the CNACA for three years.

Minnie Matches’ baskets, Harvey Blackned’s birds and Natasia Mukash’s paintings will be on display at the Maison amerindienne, a venue for First Nations arts and performance located in Mont Saint-Hilaire, near Montreal.

“Our goal is to showcase fascinating and talented people who are not as well known as they should be,” says Bourdon. “We are four photographers who want to make a modest contribution to promoting mutual understanding. Through art and photography, we are hoping to help people find out more about each other.”

Maison amerindienne

510 Montee des Trente

Mont Saint-Hilaire

(450) 464-2500

Exhibition: October 28 to November 30

Free admission

Performances by Aboriginal artists (admission to be determined):

Nov. 1: performance by Cree artists (at the vernissage)

Nov. 16: Odaya, women’s choir and drums

Nov. 29: Sakay Ottawa, Attikamek singer