Volume 14, Issue 9

Anti-Pig Farm Groups To Unite

Opponents of the Town of Chapais’ proposed pig farm are in for a pleasant surprise as the Sierra Club of Canada is looking to unite all opposition groups under one flag in their fight against the industrial pig farming industry. The Sierra Club is trying to bridge the gap between opposition ... read more ››

Attawapiskat woman wins second shot at Canadian Idol

Eight young hopefuls shook their booty and belted out a diverse mix of tunes in an attempt to win the hearts and minds of audience members and become the first “Cree Idol.” The contest in Moosonee March 2-3 drew over 600 audience members. Attawapiskat’s Karen Sutherland was head and shoulders above ... read more ››

Cherokees disown slave descendants

In a fit of ethnic cleansing, the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma have voted 77 per cent to 23 per cent to disenfranchise black descendants of Cherokee slaves, called Freedmen. They adopted an amendment to their constitution that strips the rights and membership of their black brethren, who until now were considered ... read more ››

Hero by Nature short film falls short

Hero by Nature is a tragic story with a confusing plotline. The 15-minute short film is set in the aftermath of the Oka crisis of 1990, when the Sûreté du Quebec stormed a peaceful blockade by Kanesatake Mohawks, a police officer died and a 78-day standoff ensued. The film has been doing ... read more ››

Lighting up winter – Montreal Highlights Fest brightens the dark months

The Montreal Highlights Festival offers up something for just about everyone, at any age, for any budget. The 2007 edition was no disappointment. This is the only fest that combines gourmet dining from visiting chefs in some of Montreal’s finest eateries with dance, theatre, performance art, family fun in a ... read more ››

The boy who chased the polar bear

I had the chance to spend some time with my older brother Anthony this week. He is the traditional person in our family and every time I visit him I learn a little bit more about the traditional Cree way of life. It doesn’t matter where I meet my brother, ... read more ››

The silly season

Political friends, foes and mortal enemies are all wearing the same face, that of the “if I don’t get what I want when I want, I either walk away or all over you” type of expression. Some of your best allies, then, should be your best enemies, because the trust ... read more ››

Ungava election candidate forum

Why should Cree voters vote for you? I feel confident that my past experience as a political aide for the Minister responsible for Northern Quebec has prepared me to work with your communities and to serve as the Liberal Member of the National Assembly for Ungava riding. I am familiar with ... read more ››

Voting for a change

If you were conducting an epidemiological study on Aboriginal peoples in Quebec you might come to the conclusion that we are allergic to ballot boxes. The First Nations voter is usually averse to both provincial and federal elections and that is reflected in the very low voter turnout. In most ... read more ››