Political friends, foes and mortal enemies are all wearing the same face, that of the “if I don’t get what I want when I want, I either walk away or all over you” type of expression. Some of your best allies, then, should be your best enemies, because the trust level is mutual. Where is all this coming from, me, an apolitical non-apologetic apprehensive about politics type of guy? It’s coming from years of dodging the political platforms and switching to the weather channel when the good old boys start yapping away on television. Does it really matter what is said anyways? Yawwwn….

Yep, it’s election time again for Quebec. Who you gonna vote for? The red party, the blue party, the green party or the red-neck party? Whatever the party, I’m sure it’ll end one day when the world goes colour blind and vote on issues and parties that really care for them. Talking about parties, a group of young eager beavers came to my office and asked for my valuable advice on how to get what they want in life, something to do about nothing to do in life and everything was too boring.

So I sat them down and asked them what they wanted to do. Blurting out “we want a space to do something, something different!” they cried in unison. Quickly I sketched out a plan in simple symbols and eureka! Then I told them directly that if you are tired of old fogies telling long stories at important meetings when nothing was said by the youth, go to the meetings, present your stuff and vote on it. The reason why stuff doesn’t happen is because you don’t do anything at the hallowed general meetings. If your issues are not represented by youth, but rather bysomeone else representing youth, then your stuff doesn’t happen. You just have to get up and do it yourself. And with some help, you should be able to get what you want.

Talking way into the second five-minute attention span, I dwelled a little on why politicians can’t really help at the base level, because that’s not really their job, to get up and do something for you. It really should be your job to do it for yourself. I explained that the bumps on the road to growth can be leveled off if you plan for yourself, making dreams a reality and living those dreams. The road is real, the dream is not, but at least the road leads to an eventual reality. Depending on where you drive, you can reach nirvana.

Two and a half minutes into the third five-minute attention span, I talked strategy. Draw a picture of today, draw a picture of tomorrow and draw the road leading there with all the pitfalls and obstacles that are always bound to happen. Maybe a lot of work is required on the road before you can even use it. Perhaps the road is not pointing in the right direction, but at least walk or learn how to drive in the right direction; try not to get lost on the way from the home parking lot.

Noticing that the end of the final attention span was nearing, I talked about politics, something I thought I knew nothing of and not surprisingly so, I flunked at keeping the interest level high enough to get in the recommendation to go out and exercise your right to vote for what is rightfully yours, your future. So if by any chance those eager beavers rise to gain control of their future and do the right thing, then I guess I did what was asked of me.