Volume 14, Issue 5

‘Hang onto these words’

I recently asked for a book that I knew would interest me. I didn’t know when I started to read how muchit would influence me. The words that Johnny said were so close to the words I grew up with I couldn’t put the book down. The words of an ... read more ››

A social club for Mistissini? – Former police chief lobbies council for first-ever bar license

If one ambitious band councilor has his way Mistissini might soon be adding a social club, making it only the second community – behind Whapmagoostui – to have a bar on category one land. Former Police Chief Calvin Blacksmith was quick to point out that his establishment would serve to educate ... read more ››

January at the Beach

I look out onto Hudson Bay and the waves that come crashing onto the shore remind me of summer days gone by. What? Waves in January? Well, welcome to global warming, the most talked-about phenomenon since the last ice age. What can be done about it? Apparently politicians can do something, ... read more ››

Make a Wish

Make a Wish Foundation sends ailing little girl to Disney World The Make a Wish Foundation granted the wish of a little girl named Dancing Water Wapachee this year. Her name was submitted by doctors and nurses who operated on her during her last stay at the hospital. Her wish was ... read more ››

Rupert River goes to gallows – Diversion construction begins immediately

The only thing left was the funeral procession as politicians from Quebec, the Cree and other non-native James Bay communities congregated in a roomful of media types to witness the surreal scene of a river being executed. After a 20-minute delay, the January I I Hydro-Quebec press conference in Montreal with ... read more ››

Sequoia – a big dream grows in downtown Montreal

Entrepreneurship was never what she had in mind when she started working, but Kahnawake native Michaelee Lazore is beaming with pride, having just opened up her second Native-run and inspired bath and body shop under the moniker Sequoia. The Mackay Street shop in downtown Montreal is both stylish and succulently scented. ... read more ››

Tis the season to be jolly

I always feel great relief to see January arrive after the holiday season. There are many happy and merry moments during the Christmas season, but there are times when most of us might just want to stop and get away from it all. I like the idea of Christmas being a ... read more ››

Vern Cooper an OHL star in Plymouth, Michigan

Vern Cooper of Waswanipi is playing for the Plymouth Whalers of the Ontario Hockey League after being taken in the first round (13th overall) of last year’s Ontario Hockey League player draft. Team management and scouting had said that if they had the first pick, they still would have selected ... read more ››

Will on the Grill

Recently I did something I normally don’t do: I hit up a greasy spoon called La Binerie Mont Royal. It was the beans that drew me in. Sad to say I have never matched my grandmother’s beans and have “bean” looking for a recipe for a long time. The binerie ... read more ››