Volume 13, Issue 14


The fifth Annual National Aboriginal Hockey Championships (NAHC) was held May 6-13 in the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake and the community of Chateauguay. The community of Kahnawake and its people are to be commended for the great hospitality to the people from across this great land. As with last year, ... read more ››

CRA and Quebec sign cultural deal

The Cree Regional Authority will be getting $435,000 for the renewal of a three-year cultural development agreement, according to the Quebec government. Line Beauchamp, Minister for Culture and Communications, made the announcement on May 15. The monies will be spent for regional and local cultural development. “In a land as vast and ... read more ››

Former OJ band councilor guilty of sexual assault

Former Oujé-Bougoumou band councilor Lance Cooper has pled guilty to sexually assaulting a minor May 8 in OJ. The incident happened at the youths’ house January 30. The 15-year-old alleged victim cannot be identified due to his age. Cooper, 24, who was an Oujé-Bougoumou band councilor at the time, was also charged ... read more ››

Get Your Pets Spayed or Neutered free

It’s that time of the year, when the snow has melted and the pets get frisky. What better way to show that you love them and your community than by getting them spayed or neutered? The Northern Dogs Program is a partnership between the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), the ... read more ››

Jolly accepts guilt in X-mas attack

Green activist Freddie Jolly pled guilty on May 12 to four criminal charges, including assault with a weapon. Jolly, who is known for his love of nature and the fight for the preservation of the Rupert River, was also charged with two counts of uttering threats and one count of simple ... read more ››

Nemaska hit by early forest fires

Forest fires have hit the small community of Nemaska hard in recent years, and this year they are getting their share even earlier than usual. At press time, 7,456 acres had been blackened by the season’s first forest fire, which started in early May and had been burning for a week. “The ... read more ››

On occasion, I receive a blue screen of death on my computer.

On occasion, I receive a blue screen of death on my computer. Sometimes, it infuriates me, but then I remember, I’m still alive, and it’s just a machine that was created to break down so that hundreds of thousands of repair people can remain gainfully employed. If this machine didn’t break ... read more ››

Ontario Mohawks continue protest

Mohawks continue to occupy land they claim was stolen from them in Caledonia, Ontario. Representatives of the Six Nations and the federal and Ontario governments had signed an agreement to talk about settling the issues underlying the occupation of a partly completed subdivision in late April. So far, talks have been ... read more ››

Shooting the messenger

The hearings on Hydro-Quebec’s proposed Rupert River diversion, whether in the Cree communities or outside, are always of interest to the Nation staff. Those we couldn’t attend in person we listened to on JBCCS’s Cree Radio Network as did many Crees. We also went on the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency ... read more ››

The Canadian Beaver still flies

Break up has just finished and every traditional hunter and gatherer in town is anxious to head out on the land to get in a few more days of hunting. It is 1982 and a good part of the community has come out onto the high riverbank to look at ... read more ››

Wrestling with success – Sport of arm wrestling helps OJ man turn his life around

There are many sports available for the youth of Eeyou Istchee. Hockey and basketball are the most popular, obviously, but John Bosum is trying to change that. And his 16-inch python-like arms are helping him along the way. “I’ve been arm wrestling since I was 12,” said Bosum, 32, who is ... read more ››