Volume 12, Issue 23

A New Era

After a hard-won battle we now have Matthew Mukash as our new Grand Chief. Many things were said during the campaign. Many things were implied. Some were on the mark and some were way off. People were hurt. People were confused. The people finally made a choice. We now have ... read more ››

A New Leader for Eeyou Istchee – Mukash Wins Solid Victory; Promises Democratic Decision-Making

The people have spoken. After six years under the leadership of Ted Moses, the Grand Council of the Crees – and the people of Eeyou Istchee – will look to a new era of cooperation, new ideas and perhaps most importantly, change. Whapmagoostui’s Matthew Mukash and Mistissini’s Ashley Iserhoff were elected to ... read more ››

Firearms Safety Is Always First

Firearms play an important part in the lives of many Cree. If you have a gun, then it is up to you to make sure that it does not fall into the wrong hands or cause accidents. Given that moose and goose breaks are happening, the Nation along with the ... read more ››

G-G Names First Northern Award Winner

In one of her last gestures as outgoing Governor General, Adrienne Clarkson has announced the winner of the newly created Governor General’s Northern Medal. Sheila Watt-Cloutier, an Inuit activist from Iqaluit, has been awarded the first Governor General’s Northern Medal for bringing international attention to pollution and climate change in the ... read more ››

Mud Cakes

After the election, calm settled over the Cree universe, and then reality set in. The headlines peeped in quietly and a thankful fax appeared on the front desks of band offices from the new head honcho. Apparently a discussion was held about the new leader on CBC North but it ... read more ››

OJ Toxins Debate – Abel Bosum: ‘Poison’ Story Is Speculative, Unprofessional and Inflammatory

I challenge the Nation to publish this letter in its entirety. Following the Nation’s recent editorializing about the heavy metal contamination in the Oujé-Bougoumou traditional territory where the author suggests that there is a cover up of information and that there is a lack of seriousness by the Cree leadership in ... read more ››

OJ Toxins Debate – The Nation Responds:

There are a number of points in Mr. Bosum’s letter that, in our view, are wrong or disingenuous. First of all, it was not the authors of the articles who suggested a cover-up. This question was raised by New Hampshire scientist Roger Masters in a press release. Secondly, the Nation does not ... read more ››

Ryerson U Honours Aboriginal Midwife

Carol Couchie became the first Aboriginal woman to become a registered midwife in Canada and for that achievement, was honoured by Ryerson University in Toronto with an Alumni Achievement Award on September 24. Couchie was a graduate of the first class of Ryerson’s School of Midwifery in 1998. Her work has ... read more ››

Smears, Fears and Tears

If you believe the words of doom and gloom that were bandied about days before the election for Grand Chief, the Cree Nation will be in ruins and rubble by this time next year. One of the items on former – yes, that’s right, former -Grand Chief Ted Moses’ website warns ... read more ››

The Bear Facts

There has been a lot of news about problem bears lately in Northern Ontario. Specifically, these are problems with black bears or “Muskwa”, as they are known in the Cree language. People I talk to say that many bears are hungry this time of year as they are preparing to ... read more ››

Van Opens Friendship Centre Early

The bad news is the Native Friendship Centre of Montreal underwent extensive damage due to a car crash during the early morning of Sept. 19. The good news? No one was hurt. “A van came in our front door,” recounted the Friendship Centre’s Nathalie Lloyd. “He swerved to miss another car ... read more ››

What’s Next for Ted Moses? – With a Wealth of Experience, Defeated Grand Chief Could Write His Own Ticket

After nine years and two consecutive terms as Grand Chief of the Grand Council of the Crees, Ted Moses is turning the page to another chapter in life and his career. Under what title or working with whom? No one yet knows, but it’s clear that Moses has an enviable CV ... read more ››