By finding my dad, Cyprien, I found myself

  My mother, Lucy Bosum, wept as she heard the decision of my grandparents. The answer was “No!” My biological father, Cyprien Caron, had proposed to marry my mother, but my grandparents could not overlook the clash of their cultures and languages. They could not conceive of this union being a ... read more ››

OJ Toxins Debate – Abel Bosum: ‘Poison’ Story Is Speculative, Unprofessional and Inflammatory

I challenge the Nation to publish this letter in its entirety. Following the Nation’s recent editorializing about the heavy metal contamination in the Oujé-Bougoumou traditional territory where the author suggests that there is a cover up of information and that there is a lack of seriousness by the Cree leadership in ... read more ››