Volume 11, Issue 23

Camp Okpiapik 2004 – Keeping the Ancestral Memory, History and Customs Alive

For the first time since 1997, Camp Okpiapik was held outside Nunavik: it took place in the Cree Nation, specifically in the Wemindji area on the shores of James Bay, from June 30 to July 11. There were 174 Junior Canadian Rangers (JCRs) from all the patrols of the 2nd ... read more ››

Feds to Invest $700 Million in Native Healthcare

Prime Minister Paul Martin has promised that an additional $700 million directed toward Native health care in the coming years. “This is a huge moral issue for us,” said Martin at the Sept. 13 meeting on health issues with Canada’s premiers and the heads of five major Aboriginal groups in Ottawa. Martin ... read more ››

Fields of Grass

Recently, I took some time to bicycle for a few days while on vacation. It was refreshing and exciting to be back on a bike as I spent most of my day riding through trails and parks in the warm weather during the last few days of summer. One afternoon after ... read more ››

Hungry Lion or Well-Fed Kitty Cat? – The AFN Reexamines Its Purpose

Next year the AFN will be celebrating its 20th anniversary, so it’s only understandable that the organization would be looking at itself in a serious way. They’ve created the much-needed AFN Renewal Commission. National Chief Phil Fontaine says he wants input from the grassroots First Nations peoples wherever they may ... read more ››

Khayden Tours Eeyou Istchee

Khayden Otter-Rupert marked the beginning of his triumphant return to Eeyou Istchee with a smile. Khayden and his grandfather Ronnie Otter began a tour of Eeyou Istchee Sept. 4 with a whirlwind stop in Whapmagoostui. Khayden took a tour of the community in the fire truck, visited the band office and ... read more ››

Man Drowns in Waskaganish

A 59 year-old Waskaganish man drowned in a bizarre incident that occurred on the Kapeshi Rapids. The accident happened on the afternoon of Saturday, September 18, at Kilometre 49 near Waskaganish. Two Cree and a couple of non-natives were installing electrical wires for Hydro from their boats when one of the ... read more ››

Nemaska Students Pay Last Respects To Late Principal – Toronto Trip Featured Cultural Exchange With Muslim Community

A busload of students and community members left Nemaska Friday, September 3, for Toronto. Their mission was to meet the Rana family and pay their last respects in person to their former principal, Farrukh Mahood Rana. Farrukh Mahood Rana passed away June 29 in Montreal. He had apparently died of a ... read more ››

Snowboy Throws In the Towel – Former Chisasibi Police Chief Suspended, Reinstated, Finally Resigns

The truth, it seems, is not an easy thing to find. Harry Snowboy found that out in an all too painful way after being brought along with the proverbial carrot on the stick by the Chisasibi band council. After being suspended with pay for 10 months, and then reinstated, the former ... read more ››

Spencer Trial Postponed Again

Trevor Spencer’s trial has been postponed – yet again. The man accused of assaulting two-year-old Khayden Otter in Waswanipi February 8 has had his trial postponed pending a psychiatric evaluation of his state of mind at the time of the incident. Spencer is now scheduled to appear October 26 in an Amos ... read more ››

Tourism: A Growing Economic Base for Eeyou Istchee

The Pulse of the Nation for this issue is to examine how and if Crees see tourism as a viable part of the Cree economy. Many Cree businesspeople are still learning how to tap into this growing market. There is still a lot of training and planning needed. Overall, however, ... read more ››

Traveling Man

On one of my few forays out of the cold white north, I ventured down to seek out new life forms and technologies to bring back to my home town. I discovered some things look new, but are really the same old things packaged in flashy wrappings. I also discovered ... read more ››

Waswanipi Residents Set To Gab, Gab, Gab

Talkative Waswanipi residents received good news recently. Cell phones will no longer die a slow death once travelers or members of the community get to the little town. Norm Kelly of Telebec explains: “Waswanipi was supposed to receive cellular service in the second quarter of 2005 and I brought it up ... read more ››