Volume 11, Issue 22

Archaeologist Searches for Big River House – Hudson Bay Company Post Operated in Early 1800s

Christian Roy is looking for a house, but it’s a house that no longer exists. Roy is a historical archaeologist who specializes in fur trade archaeology and he wants to find the site of Big River House, the trading post of the Hudson Bay Company that was built in front ... read more ››

Car Accident Claims 2 Lives

Two people died in a tragic accident that occurred on route 109 north of Amos on Labour Day weekend. Hugues Beaulieu, SQ spokesperson for the Amos region, said that the driver lost control of the vehicle while heading north and flipped over. “The driver was believed to have been speeding,” Beaulieu said. ... read more ››

Karate for Everyone

Claude Bédard, 4th Dan, Chief Instructor at the Chibougamau Shotokan karate club. For the past three years, I’ve witnessed a growing interest in karate from the Native communities near Chibougamau (Mistissini and Oujé-Bougoumou). We now have more than 25 native members aged 6 to 50 training two or three times a ... read more ››

Karate: A Personal Experience

My interest in martial arts began when I saw the movie Return of the Dragon, starring Bruce Lee. I was captivated by his fighting style and his skill and tenacity. Nearly 30 years have passed since Bruce Lee made his final bow, but the interest in martial arts he instilled ... read more ››

New Cree Lexicon Published

The Cree School Board announced recently that the new editions of the northern and southern Cree lexicon are now available. The lexicon will help ensure the survival of the Cree language for many years to come. “It will undoubtedly be an integral part in the preservation and retention of the Cree ... read more ››

Righting Wrongs

Someone once told me that all I do is complain, complain and complain about every little thing. That I tend to point out all the things that are wrong or that will go wrong. However, it seems to me that things that look wrong or are wrong are quite obvious. ... read more ››

Rupert Re-elected in Chisasibi

The people of Chisasibi have spoken. The Chisasibi band council elections were held August 12 to determine who would lead the community for the next three years. Abraham Rupert ran uncontested and was acclaimed as Chief after all the other candidates dropped out of the race. This marks Rupert’s second consecutive three-year ... read more ››

The Heat Is On

I sit here at my desk sucking on the last Popsicle of summer. It’s coming to an end, the summer that is. The office is hot and was hot for most of the summer. Our lonely air conditioner whirring ineffectively promises but fails to deliver refreshing coolness. We all know ... read more ››

Waswanipi Hit With The Blues – Business Conference Gets Into The Beat

If you love the blues, then you would have loved to hear George Leach play his guitar. The Waswanipi Youth Centre was filled with locals and out-of-towners to see this marvelous man play his many guitars August 12. The night was embellished with awesome talents, powerful speeches and incredible Traditional ... read more ››