The people of Chisasibi have spoken.

The Chisasibi band council elections were held August 12 to determine who would lead the community for the next three years.

Abraham Rupert ran uncontested and was acclaimed as Chief after all the other candidates dropped out of the race. This marks Rupert’s second consecutive three-year term.

Below is the list of elected councillors:

Violet Pachanos 616

Roderick Pachanos 558

Margaret Fireman 538

Janie Moar 529

Steven Bearskin 510

Bobby Neacappo 507

John E. Sam 503

William Ratt 455

Charles Bobbish 395

Annie Bobbish 383

Reginald Sam 375

Mabel Herodier 372

Total Number of Ballots Available: 1000

Total Ballots Cast 967

Total Ballots Spoiled 12

Total Ballots Unused 21