Volume 11, Issue 3

Caribou on the Run: Warning in Effect

The Caribou are on the move, mostly on the Route du Nord, and as a result there is a Caribou warning in effect. If you see them on the roads, use extra caution. The Caribou are not aggressive by nature, however they can be dangerous if they are spooked or ... read more ››

Ecuador…A Land of Beauty, Mysteries, Mountains and, Ultimately, One of Paradoxes – Part 2

This is a continuation from the last issue of our CIDA-funded focus on Indigenous eco tourism in Ecuador. Lately another attack took place. As a result, the Huaorani have demanded that the “timber merchants” move away from their land. Moi Enomenga, along with the Organization of the Huaorani Nationality of the Ecuadorian ... read more ››

Ho Ho Ho

I always wished that Santa Claus was a real person when I was a kid, and in many ways, I wish he was real today. Not that I really want to believe in Santa, but mainly so that he could take on the responsibilities of giving out those expensive gifts ... read more ››

New Nemaska Hotel Nearing Completion

A new hotel is going up in Nemaska to keep pace with the booming construction going on there since the signing of the Paix des Braves agreement. In order to better accommodate workers as well as an increase in tourism, Nemaska Development decided to construct a second hotel to go along ... read more ››

Paying it Forward…Ouje-Bougoumou Reaches Out

In the last issue of the Nation, we included two pages of events and dinners and donation points and the like, telling you who was doing what for whom and where. While fishing for all that information, we learned of one woman who was away on a mission in a ... read more ››

Politician School Begins in 2004

Somebody had to cash in on this angle sooner or later and Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government wasn’t offering it. As a result Negahneewin College of Indigenous Studies, (part of Confederation College, headquartered in Thunder Bay), picked up the ball and ran with it. They will be offering a Bachelor ... read more ››

Robert Nault Sent Packing

Andy Mitchell is the new federal minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development. Mitchell, MP for the Ontario riding of Parry Sound—Muskoka, was sworn in Dec. 12 after new Prime Minister Paul Martin took his own oath of office. Mitchell replaces Robert Nault, who lost his cabinet job. Nault had been ... read more ››

Val D’Or Cree Tournament 2003 – A Spiritual Journey

December 4-7, 2003 marked another weekend in Val d’Or where the Cree Nation gathers each year for the Annual Hockey and Broomball Invitational now known as the C.R.E.E. Tournament. All nine Eeyou Istchee Cree communities along with the west side of James Bay, and other Nations come together in sport ... read more ››