Somebody had to cash in on this angle sooner or later and Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government wasn’t offering it. As a result Negahneewin College of Indigenous Studies, (part of Confederation College, headquartered in Thunder Bay), picked up the ball and ran with it. They will be offering a Bachelor of Applied Human Services in Indigenous Leadership and Community Development. Slated to begin in September 2004, it is the only applied degree being offered by a northern college, and the only Indigenous-specific applied degree in Ontario.

The program will focus on principles of Indigenous leadership to prepare graduates for leadership roles anywhere there is a need for a Native leader.

Graduates will be able to pursue further undergraduate or graduate education in such fields as management, Indigenous governance, public administration and political studies.

A student said, ‘This program is very important for our community. There are many young people who want this opportunity to grow personally and professionally.”

Deadline date for chief wannabes is March 2004. Check out the collage website.