Volume 11, Issue 2

Aboriginal Music Takes Centre Stage – AMA Gala Launches 10th Annual Canadian Aboriqinal Festival and Pow Wow

It was an evening to celebrate the best in Native music from across the country. The John Bassett Theatre in downtown Toronto was packed November 28 for the fifth annual Aboriginal Music Awards, recognizing both popular and traditional original music. The evening started out on a strong note with hosts Tom ... read more ››

Apatisiiwin Agreement in Action

A group of 12 students in Rouyn Noranda are making an investment in the future of the Crees. Under the long-awaited Cree Employment Agreement (Apatisiiwin Agreement) the students are studying to be hydro dam technicians in a 2-year Vocational Secondary Education Program at the Centre Polymetier in Rouyn-Noranda. The Grand Council ... read more ››

Attawapiskat Man Missing, Feared Dead

An Attawapiskat man has been missing since July, and is presumed dead. Michael Linklater, 44, was a heavy drinker, according to Peter Wynne, Linklater’s cousin. Wynne said that went out with his family to the bush to help get “dried out.” While in the bush, he went for a walk and ... read more ››

Chasing the Puck

The weather has turned bitterly cold in the community and the snow has started to accumulate over the past several days. It is the late fall and winter has come early. The sudden cold weather has driven everyone indoors. My younger brothers and I stay in and entertain ourselves as ... read more ››

Communicating Solidarity

When you’re in the news media business there are so many stories out there that you feel are important. It’s not possible to do them all but you feel the need to cover certain ones. That is the case with our series on South America. Though it may seem strange ... read more ››

Cree Trappers Association to Restructure

The Cree Trappers Association (CTA) is looking to restructure itself in order to better serve the trappers of Eeyou Istchee. The CTA was created through the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement (JBNQA) in 1978 and has almost 4,000 card-carrying members. “It was felt (back then) that the Cree hunters and ... read more ››

Ecuador…A Land of Beauty, Mysteries, Mountains and, Ultimately, One of Paradoxes.

You arrive by plane to the capital city of Quito. It’s over 2,000 feet above sea level. Your plane begins to descend. The city gets larger and larger. You start to worry that you’re coming in awfully low as buildings and cars become alarmingly close. Just as you think you ... read more ››

Grand Council Blasts AFN Budget Numbers

The Grand Council is criticizing this year’s budget request of the Assembly of First Nations as seriously flawed. In September, AFN National Chief Phil Fontaine presented a pre-budget submission to the House of Commons for $1.7 billion. But according to Grand Council officials, the numbers don’t add up. “They portray the AFN ... read more ››

Mishtapew Awards Announced

The First Peoples Business Association (FPBA) revealed the winners of its sixth annual Mishtapew Awards of Excellence Gala held at the Loews Le Concorde Hotel in Québec City Nov. 25. These awards are given out to recognize Aboriginal entrepreneurship and ingenuity. They are open to Native, Metis and Inuit peoples ... read more ››

Mommy Why Does it Hurt When I…

I was watching this TV show, which many people already have had their share of, namely America’s funniest home videos. I laughed hysterically when the golf ball bounced back and nearly became the third one on the unlucky golfer. I nearly peed in my shorts when the entire choir collapsed with ... read more ››

Nemaska Basketball Tournament

Nemaska recently staged a mini-basketball tournament from November 27-30 with the help of the sponsorship of the Cree School Board. The tournament was successful and fun was had by all. There were six teams entered in the boy’s category, ranging in age from 11-14. On the girl’s side, there were eight teams ... read more ››

Police News – Mistissini Police: Period of November 3rd – 30th, 2003

The Mistissini Police files offers people a biweekly look at Police intervention in the Community of Mistissini. The preventative measures assist individuals as well as businesses in their safety and security. Police Director Calvin Blacksmith attests that the statistics being offered every two weeks show people in the community the ... read more ››

Remedy for What Ails You – Locals Win AMA Award

A group of five guys from Moose Factory made their way to Toronto for the Aboriginal Music Awards. Nominated in the Best Group or Duo category against Native mainstream artists Cheechoo and Martin, and Wolfpack, Remedy came away with the award. Although they have only been playing together as a ... read more ››

Summary of the National Assembly of the Huaorani-Onhae in Ecuador

September 28, 2000 In relation to the exploitation of timber: The presence of illegal logging in the Huaorani Territory, especially working from the Via Auca, in the areas of the Rio Shiripuno, Cononaco, Bataboro, Tiguino, is destroying the forest that the Huaorani depend upon for their subsistence. Some Huaorani, both individuals and ... read more ››