The Mistissini Police files offers people a biweekly look at Police intervention in the Community of Mistissini. The preventative measures assist individuals as well as businesses in their safety and security. Police Director Calvin Blacksmith attests that the statistics being offered every two weeks show people in the community the job that the police have to do and that they are quite successful.

NOVEMBER 3rd – 30th, 2003 Break and Enters:

•November 3rd – the radio-telecommunications shed was broken into (little damage / theft)

•21 November 2003 – The Alarm Company called to report an entry alarm at JBCCS Radio Station. On scene, window broken at south end of building. Under investigation.

•22 November 2003 – Police were routinely checking the public buildings at 1:25 am when they discovered that a door had been forced at Washesquin Airways. Under investigation.

•At 6:00 am the same morning, THE ALARM saved another Mistissini business from theft. The Alarm Company contacted Police to advise of an entry alarm at Cree Sports and Outdoors at 91 Riverside. A window had been broken to gain entrance when alarm went off. A search turned up footprints and evidence. Investigation ongoing.

Complaint against S.Q

Police received a report where an individual felt they were mistreated by the Surete de Quebec in Matagami. An officer allegedly exchanged unpleasant words with the unidentified person. Police contacted the Lieutenant of the Matagami SQ branch and forwarded the complaint.

Mischief and other related occurrences

•10:40pm, November 6th Police responded to 131 Sunset. A beer bottle had broke a window. 1 adult suspect charged.

•At approximately 8:00 am on November 21st, the victim (nurse) reported that on their way to the Mistissini Clinic for an emergency, vehicle was kicked by a drunken male. Suspect charged with Mischief and released. At 8:50 am, police received a second call concerning the same individual from his parents that he was turning things upside down at their house. Suspect detained for preventative measures and later released.

•At 9:20 pm, Youth Development Officer called to report her office had been ransacked with cabinet and books on the floor. Under investigation, suspects to be met.

Gun Incident

On the weekend of November 28th, a vehicle had its rear window shattered. Investigation revealed that the window had been shot out by a small caliber bullet. Police also responded to a residence on the same street that had damages caused by shots fired both externally and internally. The Surete du Quebec was contacted for forensic assistance. No witnesses or suspects as yet. Under Investigation.


During this period Police opened seven (7) files of assaults / threats against individuals.

•On November 8th a female victim advised that she was assaulted by two females (Youth).

1 suspect met and charged with Assault, a second suspect to be met.

•Nov 9th – Police were contacted concerning an assault that took place at the All Chiefs Memorial Arena. Waswanipi Police contacted and given information.

•A domestic disagreement at 2:30 in the afternoon of the 18th may result in assault charges stemming from an incident at a residence on Amisk Street. Investigation ongoing

•At 3:00 am November 19th Police responded to a call at 288 Amisk Street where a victim complained of being punched in the face. Under investigation.

Offences involving Motor Vehicles

•Dangerous Operation of Motor Vehicle – On the night of November 5th a female youth took the family car and drove erratically through the community. She backed into another vehicle, and fled the scene on foot. The Youth has been charged with driving without a License and Failure to Remain at the scene of an accident. Still under investigation.

•Impaired Driving – At 4:49 am November 9th an anonymous caller advised that she had almost been hit by a vehicle operated by a drunk driver. At 5:06 the police intercepted the vehicle at 72 Mistissini Boulevard. Suspect was transported to the Police station. A search revealed 5 beer bottles in his sleeves. Two tests of alcohol content gave readings of .247 and .248. This was over the legal limit. Suspect was charged with Impaired Driving and drivers license was suspended for 30 days.

•Stolen Vehicle – At 4:15 pm, a Green Pontiac Grand Prix was left unattended in front of Video World. Two individuals under the influence were seen getting into said vehicle and driving away. Police were called but could not locate vehicle. The SQ Chibougamau were called to be on alert. At 5:44 pm police received a call that the vehicle was involved in a single car accident. One person has been charged and the other suspect is to be met. Under investigation.

•Impaired and Refusal – Nov 29th, 6:15 am -Police responded to a call about a vehicle in the ditch on Riverside Street. A suspect was detained and refused to provide a breath sample after a demand had been given (impaired driving). Suspect charged. In connection with this incident, Police are investigating possible motor vehicle theft.

•There were three car accidents reported in the last week of November due to increment weather (two in Mistissini and one on the Route du Nord). There were no injuries reported, only damage to the vehicles involved.

Other Interventions

•There were numerous police interventions to assist concerning prevention. These involved unruly persons at residences; a drunken female lying on the street, fights, and alcohol related family problems, etc. Also Alcohol By-Law infraction tickets were issued

•Breach of Undertaking – One of the suspects charged in the gun incident of October 19th was out at 4:01 am violating the curfew set at 11:00 pm. I charge laid.

•Curfew By-Law – At 3:15 am November 23rd Police stopped to question 8 youth as to why they were walking around at this time. All youth were under 16 years of age and an 11 -year-old female youth was obviously under the influence of alcohol. Charges to be laid on all 8 youth and their parents / guardians under the Curfew By-law.

•A drunken youth was causing a nuisance at 242 Riverside in the early morning hours. Guardians for youth were out of town. Youth transported to the Police Station, where the Department of Youth Protection was notified. The Youth was detained under their orders until morning when an emergency worker intervened.


With the Christmas season here, Police Director Calvin Blacksmith would like to inform the people of Mistissini of the following: when going out of town for Christmas shopping and other events, ensure that someone checks on your residence. Lock all doors and windows and leave all curtains and blinds open. If you have skidoos and four-wheelers, keep them in a well-lit area and chained. Also lock up gas and other means of fuel.

If your children are left behind, make sure there is someone to check up on them and that they are aware of the curfews and respect for personal property.

Businesses remember that an ALARM could save you. Also ensure that doors are dead-bolted and employees are aware of safety precautions. Community members are urged to report to the police any strange occurrences or individuals.

Mistissini Police would like to wish the Communities a safe and joyous Christmas Season of family and friendship.