Volume 10, Issue 26

Boumdaadaou: Let’s Walk – Courage, Determination and Pain – The Recipe for a 1,155 Kilometre Journey

The Cree aboriginal community of Chisasibi is located on the Quebec shore of James Bay, at the mouth of the La Grande River, known as the source for the mega hydroelectricity installations that were built in the 1970s. It was on account of these hydroelectric dams, built by the provincial ... read more ››

Consumer Watch in Cree Land

When a native spends a great amount of hard-earned money in a non-Native business, he should expect to be treated with the respect and the customer service entitled to anyone who brings livelihood to a business. That is what Kevin Gunner of Waswanipi thought when he walked in Gagnon & ... read more ››

Eight Days in Geneva

In which The Nation’s intrepid reporter gets bogged down in acronyms, lost luggage and expensive taxicabs. We grow up thinking of the United Nations as a magnanimous body representing justice and equality, one that protects our fundamental human rights when governments fail to do so. The first image we see is ... read more ››

For The Birds

On a grey, fall afternoon my friends and I are bundled up in warm clothes and wandering the community. We are ten year old boys playing out an ancient tradition our ancestors have acted out on a regular basis and one that is common throughout the world. We are hunting. We ... read more ››

Free Dog Clinics

Free spay and neutering clinics for dogs will be held at the fire halls in Nemaska and Waskaganish the first week of December. They are being put on by The International Fund for Animal Welfare and The World Society for the Protection of Animals. Representatives of the two groups were in ... read more ››

Junior Canadian Rangers from Wemindji Visit Camp in Ontario

Six Junior Canadian Rangers from Wemindji had such a good time at a Junior Canadian Ranger camp in Ontario they didn’t want to go home. “I’d like to stay longer,” said Kristina Georgekish, 13. ‘This is fun. We’ve made lots of new friends.” The Junior Rangers from Wemindji are the first from ... read more ››

Mistissini Police Equipped with Swat Team-like Weapons

Criminals in Mistissini beware; the police are soon to be equipped with weapons that are traditionally used by SWAT teams. These weapons are the latest tools in crime fighting on Native reserves. The weapons include a bean bag gun, a taser gun, and what is known as an Arwin, a ... read more ››

Mistissini Police File

Occurances-October 20 to November 2 19 October Careless Use of a Firearm – At 6:01 am police received a call of shots fired. Two shots were heard coming from near the track and field facility. A minute later police received another call of three shots fired at Sunset Street. Five individuals were ... read more ››

Petro Friends Celebrate Partnerships

When Besuum Petrolium and Cree Energy merged to become Petronor, it was a whole new ballgame. Grand Chief Ted Moses said that it was only good business sense that led to the merger, it also led to Petro Canada and Petronor holding a gala event in Montreal on October 29th ... read more ››

Reclaimed Images – Glenna Matoush Exhibit Uses Art to Fight Cultural Appropriation

In the heart of downtown Montreal, just where you would least expect it, you will find a colourful reminder that you can take an artist out of Eeyou Istchee, but you can’t take Eeyou Istchee out of the artist. If you are in town this month, now is your chance to ... read more ››

Rise in Crime in Mistissini

Mistissini has seen a steady rise in violent criminal acts over the last 10 years. Shootings are becoming commonplace in this bustling community of over 3,000 people. As reported in The Nation last May, two local men Eric Meskino, and Clifford Joly, went on a shooting rampage that lasted a combined ... read more ››

The Coming of Age…

Many of us go through various stages of life, some happy, some sad, some serious, some funny. Of all the various stages of my life, none struck me as much as when I left home to go to school down south. Every fall, as I can recall, we would all ... read more ››


The recent victory of a Metis hunter in Ontario, establishing the Supreme Court’s opinion that the Metis have the full rights of Aboriginal people in Canada takes me back more than 30 years to my first contacts with Metis leaders in Albert and the West. For many generations, isolated Metis leaders ... read more ››