Occurances-October 20 to November 2

19 October

Careless Use of a Firearm – At 6:01 am police received a call of shots fired. Two shots were heard coming from near the track and field facility. A minute later police received another call of three shots fired at Sunset Street. Five individuals were seen fleeing the scene. Investigation and evidence gathering led to three arrests of minors, who cannot to be named. That evening a fourth suspect was arrested and the firearm recovered – 12-gauge pump action shotgun. All individuals were charged with discharging a firearm. Court date March 10, 2004.

22 October

Arson – At 10:45 am five minors were setting gasoline on fire behind a shed. Investigation revealed that suspects put out the grass fire prior to arrival of police. No charges in this incident.

Break and Enter – During the night of the 21/ 22nd, there was a break and enter at the Youth Center. Suspects forced open a window and $900 was stolen from one of the desks in the office. Under Investigation.

A second B & E took place at 5:17 pm at 72 Wabushush where people were trying to break in while the cleaning lady was present. Information revealed this was the fifth occurrence at this residence – a Cree School Board Unit. Under investigation.

23 October 2003

Possession of Narcotics and prevention – At 5:56 am police were called to a house on Queen Street. Suspect arrived home under the influence and tried to possess a firearm. A bystander alertly took charge of the firearm and police arrived on scene. Suspect was found to have 3.95 grams of what appeared to be marijuana. One person charged with possession. Awaiting information (confirmation of tests on substance) prior to naming suspect. In connection with the same incident a second suspect was being questioned regarding willfully breaking a window. Suspect is a minor.

Suicide Intervention – At 7:45 am police were called to a youth on the street with a knife threatening suicide. Suspect dropped knife when ordered by police. There were numerous calls over a couple days regarding this youth and suicide. Social Services contacted for intervention as well.

Breach of Undertaking- One of the suspects charged in the incident of October 19th was out at 1:49 am violating the curfew set at 11:00 pm. Under investigation.

27 October

Break and Enter – Overnight October 26th / 27th – police were called to go to the Municipal Garage. A small window on the garage door had been broken out and suspects gained access. There was no sign of theft – suspects spray painted the lights of a pickup, a truck and the wall at the shed. As well they spray-painted the billboard at Main and Queen Streets. Under investigation.

28 October

Break and Enter – Police were called by Washequin Airways to report entrance being gained to the Municipal Garage. Access was gained by prying open the lock on a window at the back of the building. Cheques and other papers returned to police. Under investigation – no charges.

Assault with a weapon – 9:30 pm – Under investigation – to be reported later.

Mischief – Ashley Iserhoff contacted police to advise that a window had been broken at CINI-FM. A search of area revealed no sign of suspect. Under investigation.

31 October

Failure to comply with conditions – a minor was out after curfew -failing to comply with release.

Impaired Driving- Suspect stole father’s vehicle to joy ride around community of Mistissini. Police intervened and stopped vehicle. Suspect was under the influence of alcohol. Charged with one count of Impaired Driving and also Driving without a license. Is a Minor (cannot be named)

Firearms incident – a fifth minor was charged in connection with the firearms incident of the 19th. Out after curfew – failing to comply with release.

Assault – A 56 year old man was beaten – bloody nose and swollen eyes and nose at 8:20 in the morning. His son has been questioned concerning this incident.

1 November

Break and Enter – Cini-FM called to report that several windows at the station had been broken and other damages. No suspects yet nor other damages.


R.I.D.E. checks were also completed with 45 vehicles being stopped. No charges were laid in connection with these checks.

Halloween activities of Trick or Treat were postponed from October 31 * to Saturday November 1st from 1:00 – 4:00 pm for community safety due to threats issued and weather. This decision was made by the Police and Public Safety offices in conjunction with the Office of the Deputy Chief. The majority of community members interacted with approved of the idea of daytime trick or treating.