Volume 9, Issue 2

AFN Chiefs Vote Against Ending Boycott, Call For Nault’s Dismissal

The Assembly of First Nations chiefs have nixed a proposed plan to co-operate with Minister of Indian Affairs Robert Nault on revamping the Indian Act. The plan, calling for co-operation between the AFN and Minister Nault to develop the proposed Governance Act, was voted down by a margin of 126-49 ... read more ››

All I want for Christmas is my AIP…

Sometimes I come up short for ideas and I call the great Will Nicholls for advice and he usually gives me some sort of theme to deal with. If he isn’t in a good mood, he’ll call me and ask “Where’s my Rez notes? I keep reminding you to send ... read more ››

Contamination in Ouje-Bougoumou: The Human Dimension

Anxious residents are still waiting to find out what course of action will be taken in the wake of the Covel report on contamination in the Ouje-Bougoumou region. The report, dated October 8,2001, gave evidence of heavy metal contamination in sediment, water and fish samples collected from the Nemenjiche River, ... read more ››

Diablo II By Blizzard, Cree-friendly computers, and Gaming On the Palm Pilot III

By the Dark Wanderer I have waited for quite some time to get my hands on Diablo II. The hype on the net for this one was overwhelming. This is one of the few games that has such a large following that you can actually sell things you pick in ... read more ››

Miyupimaatisiitaau 2002

A Traditional Winter Wellness Journey will be wending its way through the communities of Eeyou Istchee this winter. The Cree Diabetes Network (CDN) and the Public Health Department of the Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay (CBHSSJB) have announced MIYUPIMAATISIITAAU 2002, a journey on snowshoes that ... read more ››

New Chief in Chisasibi

The community of Chisasibi has elected a new leader. Abraham Rupert was voted in as Chief in an election held December 3. Rupert won the election with 384 of the 885 total votes that were cast. Former Chief Violet Pachanos came in second with 276 votes, followed by Samson Sandy ... read more ››

Suspicious fire at Badabin Eeyou school

On the quiet morning of Sunday December 2 in Whapmagoostui, the predawn darkness was interrupted by the shrill siren of a warning system designed to go off in extreme heat or cold. At first look, it seemed to be either at the band office or the school. Two hours later, ... read more ››

The ghost of Christmas past

I always enjoyed The Christmas Carol. The story of a cruel arrogant old miser changing for the better touches something in all of us. It is the hope that people with this type of ingrained behaviour can change for the better, but this story is just fiction. In real life ... read more ››

The Rupert River, “Jewel of the North”

After working in Quebec’s Cree region and experiencing it’s beauty first-hand, I wanted to share it with my husband. Being avid canoeists, we decided to explore the region by canoe this summer and chose the Rupert River, a famous fur trade route. We bought a few maps, drove up north and ... read more ››

Will on the Grill

Well with all this AIP stuff taking up so much space we thought we had better add a few pages so we can bring you some Christmas cheer. During Christmas there’s always a lot of visiting so I thought I would include some recipes for your visitors. Neil loved the ... read more ››