Volume 8, Issue 14

Are you Listening?

There’s a story I recently read. It goes something like this: The company I worked for had an employee-suggestion competition; the entire staff was to submit entries that would save money for the firm. The winner was a man in my department who suggested we post corporate memos on bulletin boards, instead ... read more ››

Citizen’s Guide to Aboriginal Title: Why the Federal Government is Trying to Kill it

Until recently, like, I suppose, most Canadians, I was not aware of the difference between the concepts of Aboriginal Title, and Aboriginal Rights. I have always been aware that our legal system has made what seemed like an unfair distinction between an Aboriginal right to the land, and the right ... read more ››

History Notes

As a Cree person from Attawapiskat on the James Bay coast I have often wondered how my community came to be. I learned from my elders and my parents that Attawapiskat was once a place where my people came to live for only a few months to camp and fish ... read more ››

Inuit Director Does The Can-Can at Cannes

Inuit film director Zacharias Kunuk, of Igloolik, Nunavut, received the Camera D’Or award at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. Kunuk won the award for his film Atanarjuat (The Fast Runner). Ataranarjuat is the retelling of an Inuit legend of two brothers who take on an evil shaman. The film was ... read more ››

Mistissini’s Reception Centre

It is a true sign of social progress when a community can care for its own. Though resources may be stretched to the limit, and the challenge may be great, the Cree recognize the importance of administering to the needs of the community where it truly counts – with the ... read more ››

RAM Page

Welcome to a new column that will appear every two issues. This column will be about computer programs and equipment, what’s hot and what’s not. How many times have you bought a program (game or work related) and found nothing but garbage, or something that didn’t work out the way ... read more ››

Reforms to Employment Insurance

It was a mistake to take such a short time to make a new Aboriginal strategy for Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC) says Gil Terrance, coordinator of the Chiefs Committee on Human resources Development Agreements. It’s a mistake that Terrance doesn’t want to see First Nations make again. He says ... read more ››

Sundance – Meeting your Ancestors

I am writing this in the spirit of sharing and to request support for the Sundance held at the Rosebud Reservation, a place where I met with my ancestors. When I was asked to write about the personal experience I had at the Black Pipe Grounds, I was happy to do ... read more ››

U.S. Environmental Groups, First Nations Join Forces in Lumber Dispute

It’s been said that one sometimes can’t see the forest from the trees. In other words, it can be difficult to see the big picture. Of course, if all the trees are felled you will be left with an unobstructed view of nothing. Where the softwood lumber industry is concerned, ... read more ››

Weathering Out The Weather

I’m not sure how many people like to watch the Weather Network, but I watch it religiously, making sure that I have the next 3 days forecast down pat, so that I may add a few more details to our daily debates and enabling me to have the last word ... read more ››

You Can Lead a Crazy Horse to Water But…

Ancestors of the great Sioux warrior Crazy Horse have won a major battle in their war against an American brewery. John W. Stroh III, of the Stroh Brewing Company (which brews Crazy Horse Malt Liquor), agreed to settle part of the lawsuit with 63-year-old Seth Big Crow, a descendant of Crazy ... read more ››