Volume 8, Issue 11

Aboriginal Déjà Vu on the FTAA

“They want our water. They want our energy. They want whatever they need” “That’s Free Trade” complains Frank Dottori, as reported in the Montreal Gazette of Wednesday, April 11, 2001. Déjà vu. Guess who said that a long time ago? Welcome to the real world, Canada! Aboriginal peoples have been dealing ... read more ››

Crees Might Intervene in Trade Brawl

The Grand Council of the Crees is considering intervening in the high-stakes Canada-U.S. trade war over softwood lumber. Crees are considering filing an application for intervenor status in support of the U.S. Coalition for Fair Lumber Imports. The coalition, which represents major U.S. timber companies, is accusing Canada of wiping out its ... read more ››

Diamonds In The Rough?

In the film Diamonds Are Forever, Sean Connery was the ever-suave 007 once again globetrotting from one exotic location to another, in a life and death quest for stolen diamonds and yet another evil genius hellbent on global destruction and control. Jill St. John provided the plunging neckline and expanding ... read more ››

Feeling left Out

I had the opportunity to visit Ottawa recently. I am always happy to spend a little time in the nation’s capital. It is a beautiful city and our Parliament Buildings are an awesome sight to say the least. During this visit I took a tour through the Parliament buildings. I was ... read more ››

Gun Law Being Boycotted?

The Canadian Alliance says there is a “near total boycott” of the new federal gun-license system by Aboriginal people. But the right-wing party’s numbers are being called into question. Alliance MP Garry Breitkreuz, an almost fanatical opponent of the new gun law, says only 5 percent of Aboriginal gun owners have a ... read more ››

Hydro Profit Tops $1B, Foreign Sales Double

Hydro-Quebec is celebrating over news that the utility’s profit topped $1 billion for the first time in its history last year. Hydro had a net profit of $1.08 billion in 2000, 19 percent higher than in 1999. Half of the profit is given directly to the Quebec government. Total revenues at Hydro-Quebec also ... read more ››

Indian Affairs Minister Robert Nault Visits Eeyou Istchee

After meeting with Ted Moses Indian Affairs Minister Robert Nault accepted an invitation to visit two Cree communities on April 6 and 7. His first stop was in Chisasibi where he looked at the sick and overcrowded housing problems. He also officially opened the fire and police station. During his ... read more ››

Inquiry Sought into Oka Spying Charges

A Mohawk grand chief is calling for an inquiry into a report that Canada targeted Mohawk communities with a spying operation during the Oka Crisis of 1990. The Nation reported in February that a secretive Canadian government intelligence agency spied on the Mohawks from an Oka-area hotel, according to a former ... read more ››

Lumber War by the Numbers

Amount Quebec charges in stumpage fees per 1,000 board-feet of softwood: $50 U.S. Amount charged across the border in New England: $110. Amount B.C. charges: $95 U.S. Amount in Washington state and Idaho: $330. Amount Saskatchewan charges in stumpage fees: $20. Amount charged across the border in Montana: $200. Does the U.S. have endangered-species legislation: Yes. Does ... read more ››

Moses and Mukash to Address Summit

Grand Chief Ted Moses and Deputy Grand Chief Matthew Mukash will be among the speakers at the Second Peoples’ Summit of the Americas. Matthew Coon Come, national chief of the Assembly of First Nations, may also attend. The so-called alternative summit is to be held April 17 to 21 in Quebec City. ... read more ››

O.J. Hosts Speaking Contest

Ouje-Bougoumou hosted the annual public-speaking contest on March 13. The contestants were the winners of contests in each community. The winners in the Cree language contest were: Nathalia Happyjack (1st place), Rebecca Otter (2nd) and Manuel Icebound (3rd). The English-language winners were: Hillary Kitchen (1st), Marceline Happyjack (2nd) and Abraham Icebound (3rd). The French-language ... read more ››

Petroleum vs Dog Chow

In the good old days, most people were slim and trim and in reasonably good health. Then along came good old Bombardier and Mercury who introduced the effortless mode of transportation: skidoos and outboard motors. This changed the lifestyle of many a northerner and young fold these days probably have ... read more ››

Youngest Cree Black Belt

Jordan Lucas Wapachee is undoubtably the youngest person we have ever heard of to get a black belt. Jordan and his older brother Izaak love karate. They study Shorin-Ryu style of Japanese karate from Okinawa. Aside from regular karate and martial arts training each week, they study kobudo (Okinawan weaponry) ... read more ››