ARTICLES BY Kahn-Tineta Horn

Aboriginal Déjà Vu on the FTAA

“They want our water. They want our energy. They want whatever they need” “That’s Free Trade” complains Frank Dottori, as reported in the Montreal Gazette of Wednesday, April 11, 2001. Déjà vu. Guess who said that a long time ago? Welcome to the real world, Canada! Aboriginal peoples have been dealing ... read more ››

After the 1990 Mohawk / Oka War – Our Struggle for Liberation Continues

Mohawk Nation, Kahnawake Territory It has been five years since the SQ attacked the Mohawk barricades at Kanehsatake on July 11, 1990, starting what became known as the Oka Crisis. An SQ officer died in the bungled assault. Mohawks marked the anniversary with a procession and other activities at the ... read more ››