Volume 8, Issue 4

13 Dead in Massacre

Gunmen forced 13 villagers in Colombia from their homes one by one Jan. 5 and fatally shot them in the head, reports Associated Press. The killings in the northern Colombian town of Guatape came two days after an alleged paramilitary massacre in the same region. On Jan. 3, about 100 far-right paramilitary ... read more ››

2000: Year In Review

January: -The world rings in the new year without the much anticipated computer armageddon. Elevators don’t plummet, planes don’t crash, and micro-wave ovens don’t blow up. Who knew? -Called the greatest legal victory for the crees since 1972, when Justice Alfred Malouf stopped the James Bay project, a Quebec Superior Court rules ... read more ››

CREECO. Ordered to Sell Servinor

The Crees’ eight-year venture in food distribution is over. The leadership of the Cree Regional Authority has ordered CREECO., the Cree-owned economic development company, to sell Servinor Food Wholesaler Inc., its money-bleeding subsidiary. The move came in a resolution at a special Dec. 12 meeting of the Council/Board, the body that runs ... read more ››

Dicovering the Old World

As a First Nation person visiting Europe, I have run into many situations where people are surprised to find someone like me in their city or town. Much of the time I am asked if I am Indian or often it comes up in conversation with people I meet on ... read more ››

Great Whale Project “First of its Kind”

Steven Bearskin calls the latest version of the Great Whale hydro-project a “radical” idea. It would be the first-ever wholly Native-owned hydro-electric project in Canada and would guarantee Crees much-needed revenues for generations, he says. “There would be 100-percent Cree ownership. It would be the first of its kind,” said Bearskin, president ... read more ››

News From Gaspésie, To Mistissini and Eastmain: Olympic Dreams to Share with Family and Friends: Gabriel Rabbitskin Quesnel, 11 Years Old

You started your new swimming season for this year while watching the Sidney 2000 Olympics. You seemed to enjoy watching any events that came up, cheering for China? We both knew to look for the swimming events. Of course swimming was one of the first events presented and it had ... read more ››

Peyote Proponent Prosecuted

A Native man in Utah who says peyote has the power to cure society’s ills has been charged with a dozen counts of drug trafficking and one count of racketeering, reports Associated Press. James Warren “Flaming Eagle” Mooney, a former cop and prison guard, says the mystical power of the tiny ... read more ››

Secretive Talks on Reviving Great Whale

The Whapmagoostui and Chisasibi band councils are quietly discussing a proposal to revive the Great Whale River hydro-electric project, The Nation has learned. The idea is to divert the Great Whale into Hydro-Quebec’s existing La Grande dam complex — an idea first proposed by Hydro-Quebec in 1997. But this time, there’s a ... read more ››

Waswanipi Man Loses Life in Highway Tragedy

A tragic road accident near Demaraisville claimed the life of a young Waswanipi man just before the holidays. Claude Gull, 30, was dead at the scene when the car in which he was a passenger went off the road at about 3:15 a.m. on December 16 about 4 kilometres east of ... read more ››

White Knights Never Die Out

This year I went back home to Mistissini for the holidays. My brother, Don, was the kind soul who picked up Neil, Lynn and myself for that long ride home from Montreal. I wasn’t that talkative, slept a lot and occasionally thought about various things. I thought about the idea of ... read more ››