Volume 8, Issue 3

Community Still Divided After Meeting

The atmosphere was tense and emotional as members of Montreal’s Native community gathered at the city’s Native Friendship Centre to discuss the troubled facility. The centre’s embattled new leadership set a strict agenda and tried to cut off any off-topic questions or complaints. Outside, a shouting match erupted when one community member ... read more ››

Cree Spoken Here

I recently had the opportunity to view “Cree Spoken Here,” a film about the Crees of James Bay and made by the Crees of James Bay. This film is one that every First Nation person should see. It documents the history dealing with the disintegration of the Cree language and ... read more ››

Democracy in the Balance

“In Colombia, violence of all sorts is the single largest threat to democracy. In fact, there have been four times as many deaths in Colombia than in the Balkan wars… “Colombia has the largest internal refugee problem in the world, after Angola and the Sudan. Seven Colombians are kidnapped and 12 ... read more ››

First Cree Artists and Craftsmen Assembly of Eeyou Istchee

Twenty-five years after the signing of the James Bay Agreement a group of fifty artists and artisans (craft producers) from the nine communities of Eeyou Istchee met for the first time in an Assembly, from November 21-23, to display their work and discuss their common preoccupations. Following the three-day event, ... read more ››

Forestry Talks End on Angry Note

Six months of negotiations with Quebec on forestry appear to have collapsed dramatically. Quebec has presented a final offer to Crees on forestry and other issues, but Cree officials say it’s not good enough. “I would personally have a hard time recommending it to the Cree leadership. It would be a hard ... read more ››

From El Dorado to Plan Colombia

Colombia – mythical land of the Golden Indian, “El Dorado.” Home to the magical cloudforests of the Andean Mountains. And one of the most violent places on earth. Our writer meets the embattled Embera indigenous people in the heart of the warzone. After landing in Bogotá, Colombia’s capital, flight passengers ... read more ››

Happy Holidays from the PQ

Here’s hoping that the Holidays find you and yours well. I also hope that in this season of caring and giving you had a chance to give of yourselves. It’s important to help others at this time of year. Hopefully, you won’t be taking a page from the Parti Québécois when they ... read more ››

Meeting of the Minds

This issue, both REZnotes writers are together and writing this column. This is a conversation (supposed to be an interview). TOAO- “So, how was your Christmas?” I ask Neil Diamond. “Mine wasn’t so bad this year, got my black socks (again) and some new longjohns. What kinda loot did you get?” NDIAMON- Loot? ... read more ››

Odjick Joins the Sinking Ship

It was quite a week for professional sports. Mario Lemieux, part owner of the Pittsburgh Penguins, announced his retirement from retirement. The legendary superstar will once again don the familiar number 66 and attempt to lead his employees, I mean teammates, to the Stanley Cup. A chap by the name ... read more ››

Stick it to the Man-Help Free Peltier!

It’s not every day that FBI agents put on their trenchcoats, go to the White House and march in a demonstration. What has the Man so riled up? They’re demonstrating on Dec. 15 to pressure their boss. President Bill Clinton, not to grant executive clemency to Leonard Peltier. Described as the U.S. version ... read more ››