Volume 7, Issue 23

“Indian-bashing” Erupts at Logging Meet

Non-Native mayors and forestry officials unleashed a racist tirade against Crees at a meeting in Matagami to discuss logging on Sept. 22, according to reports. “It was interestingly shocking. It was quite disturbing,” said Romeo Saganash, the Cree negotiator with Quebec, who attended the meeting. The meeting was organized by the Quebec ... read more ››

Burnt Church: Learn From Us

We in Wisconsin have been following the Mi’kmaq treaty conflict at Burnt Church, N.B., very closely. The Maritimes dispute has close echoes of the intense conflict over Chippewa (Ojibwa) spearfishing in northern Wisconsin in the late 1980s and early 1990s. If you substitute “walleye” for “lobsters” it all sounds regrettably ... read more ››

Colombians Fear U.S. Anti-drug Fungus

Environmentalists and indigenous people in Colombia are worried about reports of a genetically modified fungus the United States has developed to fight its war on drugs. The U.S. recently approved grants of $1 billion in military aid to Colombia to fight cocaine trafficking. Most of the funds are going to target ... read more ››

Fisheries Raids Mi’kmaq

Fisheries officers wearing orange survival suits and night-vision goggles swooped into Miramichi Bay and made off with 97 Mi’kmaq lobster traps on Sept. 25, bringing the number of seized traps to 1,351. The raid came just hours after reports of shots rang out over the waters of the bay for the ... read more ››

Geordie Productions Arrives in James Bay…

Many school children were treated to yet another theatrical performance right in their own schools this year by Montreal theatre company Geordie Productions. For the past 7 years or more, Geordie has been coming to the Cree communities here to perform professional productions of new Canadian plays Thanks entirely to ... read more ››

Hup, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six

Six members of the Cree Nation were among the 25 Aboriginal candidates who graduated from the three-week Canadian Armed Forces Pre-Recruit Training Course (PRTC) on Friday, September 22, at the Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School in St-Jean, Que. Richard and Jonathan Cheezo of Eastmain, Willard Hester and Stephanie Jonah ... read more ››

International Turtle of Mystery

I walked off the plane at the Chibougamau airport and heard Paul Dixon’s familiar greeting: “Welcome to James Bay.” But waiting in his truck was an unfamiliar sight… a turtle! The Dixons had found the little guy hitchhiking on Route 113 about 25 kilometres east of Senneterre. “I could clearly see the ... read more ››

No to Nunavik Commission

Crees are reminding the Nunavik Commission studying Inuit self-government that Cree consent is needed before any new government structures can be created north of the 55th parallel or in the offshore islands. The commission is working out the shape and content of Inuit self-government in northern Quebec. Its members were appointed ... read more ››

Ready to Govern?

Coming this winter to a community near you is an opportunity to say what kind of Cree government you want. The Cree Nation Government Working Group plans to hit the road and consult with Crees and Cree entities and businesses on what Iyiyuu governance should be. Grand Chief Ted Moses says Cree ... read more ››

Relaxing at Osprey

I never got a chance to see one while I was there but I knew there had to be an osprey flying around somewhere. The place was just too perfect not to have one. Osprey Camp is the most peaceful place I’ve ever been in a long time. You can ... read more ››

Tah-Kwah-Kah-N Eh-Ah-Shi-Eh-Kah-Noh-K – Fall Hunt

I have been driving all day long and, although it is September, today was warm and the sun followed me north. In southern Ontario the trees were just beginning to turn with shades of red, yellow and orange here and there. By the time I reached North Bay the roadside ... read more ››

There’s No Such Word As Can’t!

Alvin Law was born without arms. Within an hour, his natural mother signed papers giving him up for adoption. Doctors told his adoptive parents that he would never be able to achieve anything, that his quality of life would be extremely poor. They were encouraged to place him in an ... read more ››

This is a homage to those who attend meetings in places other than Cree communities.

This is a homage to those who attend meetings in places other than Cree communities. I decided to dedicate my participation in this issue to those poor unfortunate wretches whom we rarely see in communities, those who must travel, travel and travel continuously just to attend meetings, go to boring ... read more ››

Warning – Crooks Ahead

Got a surprise for all of you. Not all journalist and publishers are honest. I can hear the cries of dismay and shock all the way to my desk. But seriously folks, we have to once again warn all of our clients and readers about advertisements. Some magazines or newspapers send out ... read more ››