Volume 7, Issue 15

AFN “Has Been Bought”: Coon Come

Matthew Coon Come is running for National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations on a platform that’s certain to put some noses out of joint. He says the AFN “has been bought” and is failing to give First Nations a voice in Canada. He says the group needs new strategies ... read more ››

Back Again

Well, it doesn’t seem so long ago I said I was taking a break from writing. Due to phone calls and people talking to me it looks like I’ll be writing again in addition to my new duties. I’d like to thank all of you who took the time to ... read more ››

Between Two Worlds

It’s never easy to help people with emotional problems. But the Crees and Inuit of generations past had a method that was both simple and effective. A respected Elder would meet with the person or a couple that was having problems to listen, talk and give suggestions. The Elder acted as ... read more ››

Blacksmith, Herodier Enter Run-off Vote

Kenny Blacksmith and Mabel Herodier will be going head-to-head in a June 15 runoff election for chair of the Cree School Board. In the first round of voting, held June 2, Blacksmith got 475 votes out of the 1772 cast, or 27 percent. Herodier got 446 votes, or 25 percent. The other ... read more ››

Eeyou Chiskatamachaoun Celebrates in Mistissini

Eeyou Chiskatamachaoun or the Cree School Board put on an impressive gala celebrating past leaders in Mistissini on June 5th, 2000. Beverly Quinn, the Mistissini School Commissioner who organized the event looked around before the guests arrived and said, “it’s nice to see all the hard work coming together.” She ... read more ››

Healthy Choices

If you have ever tried to lose weight or change anything else about yourself, you probably know how difficult it is. Last week, I had the good fortune to meet up with a friend of mine, Jennifer McLeod, health director at Wabun Tribal Council in Timmins. She looked great and ... read more ››

Home Depot Pledges Support to Crees

The world’s biggest lumber retailer has offered its support to the Crees and will come to Iyiyuuschii to examine logging operations, reports The Montreal Gazette. “We appreciate your concerns,” Home Depot president Arthur Blank told a Cree delegation he welcomed to the company’s annual meeting in Atlanta, Georgia. “We will look into ... read more ››

Honour Thy Father

There’s this joke that goes something like this: A father and his son were watching a 1930’s film on TV. As it ended with the usual 1930’s romantic clinch and fade out, the teenager said, “Gosh, Pop, your movies ended where ours begin.” As a dad and son I can ... read more ››

Social Services Are Failing Inuit: Survey

The people of Nunavik are largely dissatisfied with the social services in their communities, according to an official 1997 survey obtained by The Nation. The Inuit feel social services don’t listen to their needs, don’t offer enough programs, they don’t trust some of the social workers and there is a language ... read more ››

The Solution to Diabetes Lies with the People

The Cree Diabetes Network was formed in 1997 to address diabetes in Eeyou Istchee. In line with the National Aboriginal Diabetes Association, we want to create networks and opportunities for individuals and communities within our culture, traditions and values. Anyone is welcome to join. Today, many people are aware of the ... read more ››

Uproar Over Racist Comments

Two Bearskin Airlines pilots touched off a furor when they inadvertently announced their views about Native people while the intercom was on, according to a report in Wawatay News. “All we do is haul a bunch of Indians back and forth all day,” one of the pilots allegedly said as the ... read more ››

Who Will It Be?

During the gala I had a chance to talk to the two contenders for the position of chairperson of the Cree School Board. There will be a run-off election to see whether Daisy Herodier or Kenny Blacksmith will become the first CSB Chairperson to have been elected by all the ... read more ››