Volume 7, Issue 12

“Let there be a Millennium Issue!”

Someone said at one of our meetings, “Let there be a Millennium Issue!” There was one and we saw that it could be good. That was a long long time ago. Another meeting was scheduled. The second of many to come. It was decided we have the “best of The Nation.” ... read more ››

“Geas Keeld by ye Nateves”

Everybody loves a good goose story. How many times have you recounted the time when you shot the whole flock or made that amazing shot? Your story may not go down in the history books. But then you don’t have the store manager recording your results down in a log book. ... read more ››

“Planting a Seed for Tomorrow”

Xahw Chakash was thousands of kilometres away from his native Chiapas, but he felt like he was with family. The Mayan chief was in Waswanipi several weeks ago learning about the Cree way of life, sharing experiences and hoping to establish a long-term bond between the Native peoples of Mexico and ... read more ››

220-Year-Old Claim Enters Final Inning

The Algonquins of Ontario are hoping that their 220-year-old land claim, one of the oldest in the country, is about to enter the home stretch. The province’s estimated 5,000 to 6,000 Algonquins claim a traditional territory of 8.5 million hectares (85,000 square kilometres) that stretches from North Bay to Hawkesbury, 60 ... read more ››

Alma Struggles to Keep out Air Creebec

It seemed like a simple business expansion. Air Creebec wanted to expand its operations in the Lac St-Jean region by adding a daily Alma-Montreal flight. But Air Creebec’s plan has walked into an unexpected political storm. The mayor of Alma has refused to let Air Creebec use the city’s airport. He even ... read more ››


This story happens along a place called the east coast of James Bay. Cree territory; other things too, I suppose. Me and my buddy Ghislain Henri, we were trying to be teachers in a village up there called Waskaganish. Some people used to call that place Rupert’s House. We met a ... read more ››

Chief Warns of Corporate Plant Thieves

Xahw Chakash barely had time to pack his bags before his first visit to Iyiyuuschii. “I didn’t bring any documents, not even a sweater,” he laughed. But as soon as he arrived in Waswanipi a few weeks ago, the Mayan chief from Chiapas, Mexico, felt right at home. “They told me I ... read more ››

Portaging the News Home

Waskaganish’s own magazine, The Portage, has gone national. It will come out on a monthly basis and will be available throughout Cree territory. . We visited the offices of The Portage at the Gathering Place building in Waskaganish and talked to its Editor in Chief, Derek McLeod. (The portage can ... read more ››

This Is Not a Hoax…

This is an anti-chain letter. It was written by Jed Hartman, not a missionary and not from South America or Asia, in November of 1994, and modified slightly several times since then. There’s no way to tell how many times its been “around the world” or even what that phrase ... read more ››

Time Travelling

In 1668, the English ships, the Nonsuch and the Eaglet sailed for the shores of what would be later known as James Bay. The Crees knew it as Wiinipauwkh. The English christened it Charles Fort. In the 1980’s, Jim Chism and Sinclair Diamond, conducted archaeological digs in Waskaganish and found food ... read more ››