Volume 7, Issue 2a

“Land is Health, Oppression is a Disease”

Displacement and loss of land have hurt the health of Crees in Quebec and Manitoba, says a report tabled at an assembly of the World Health Organization. Cross Lake, a Cree community of 4,500 people in Manitoba, has had 120 suicide attempts and seven suicides this year alone, says the report, ... read more ››

A Hint for a Caribou

I was asked not too long ago if I’d ever had the experience of hunting in the northern parts of this country, or to be more specific, in the James Bay region. My answer is yes, and it wasn’t that long ago and it wasn’t in a galaxy far, far ... read more ››

Aboriginal Music Awards Winners Announced

The first-ever Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards was held at Toronto’s SkyDome in early December. Judges chose the winners from over 160 entries. The winners are… Best Traditional Album-Historical Katutjatut Throat Singing by Alacie Tullaugaq and Lucy Amaraulik from Inukjuak, Quebec Best Traditional Album – Contemporary For Old Times’ Sake by the Little Island Cree ... read more ››

Casino Case Could Redefine “Status”

A group of Ontario Métis and non-status Native people are saying they should get a cut from a Native-run casino near Orillia, Ont. Casino Rama, which opened in the mid-1990s, makes about $100 million in profits a year, which goes to 130 First Nations in Ontario. The Métis and non-status Natives are ... read more ››

Corrective Measures – Interview with Henry Mianscum

Crees will be taking a serious look at a Cree justice system in January, according to Henry Mianscum, former chief of Mistissini. A justice workshop is all set to happen mid-January in Chisasibi. We spoke with Henry Mianscum, who is one of the coordinators of the workshop, to find out ... read more ››

Crees Win Ruling in Forestry Case

The Crees have won a key ruling in one of the early battles of the Mario Lord forestry court case. Justice Jean-Claude Croteau of Quebec Superior Court ruled that the Canadian government can’t wiggle out of being a defendant in the Cree legal action. The lawsuit, filed in the summer of 1998, ... read more ››

Mary Wabano

With the passing of Mary Wabano in Attawapiskat recently, the traditional Cree way of living has also slipped away. Mary, who was 98 years of age, was born in the James Bay lowlands in 1901 when the James Bay Crees were still living a nomadic way of life. Her husband ... read more ››

One in Three Coastal Babies Have Anemia

One in three Cree babies surveyed in the coastal Cree communities are anemic, according to a new study. People with anemia often feel tired, and for this reason anemia is also called weak blood. A lack of iron in the diet is a common cause of anemia. The anemia is mild for ... read more ››

The art of gift giving is not something that’s learned.

The art of gift giving is not something that’s learned. It is a gift. We like gifting, regifting, degifting. We were given the gift of gift giving. As t’is the season, our gift to you: gift suggestions to make the season easier and merrier. Native wannabe: An Indian name and perform ... read more ››

Viva Las Vegas Del Norte!

A Cree idea to build a casino in Val d’Or sounds like a good way to create jobs and revenues, but its negative social impacts -like gambling addiction – can’t be ignored. So said a range of Crees and non-Crees about the casino project proposed by CreeCo., which is now being ... read more ››


Hello. Can you hear me? I am sitting here talking into a microphone. Actually, into a computer. And that computer is typing whatever I am saying. I know. I’m lazy. My punishment for sloth will probably be that I will be sitting here emailing a love letter New Year’s Eve at 11:59:59, ... read more ››