Volume 6, Issue 12


[CAPTION] Eastmain residents will be safe and dry on the hill just south of town if the Opinaca reservoir bursts, according to this 1988 Hydro-Quebec map which has never been shown to the community. But Eastmain itself would be flooded by 8 metres (25 feet) of water. Residents would have ... read more ››

Breach In Cascade

This frightening map is part of a 1987 study released to us by Hydro-Quebec after an access-to-information request. It was one of the earliest emergency studies of what a dam breach in the La Grande complex would look like. It is based on a possible rupture of LG-4 taking down ... read more ››

Business awards

The First Peoples’ Business Association has announced the winners of its 2nd “Gala des Prix d’Excellence Mishtapew.” Waswanipi Mishtuk Corp. got a prize for Support to Local Native Entrepreneurs. Peter Gull, director of Waswanipi’s Apit-See-Win Coop, won for Workforce Development. Also winning was Denis Kistabish, of Services de Traduction du Nord, who ... read more ››

Chisasibi firefighters train in Florida

Four Chisasibi firefighers traveled to Ocala, Florida, recently to train at the state-of-the-art Florida Emergency Training Facility. David Rupert, Lindy Bullfrog, Maurice Napash and William Tapaitic attended the course. They participated in an intense 40-hour airport emergency response-training program offered at the facility, the largest of its kind in the U.S. Along ... read more ››

Cree diabetes rate SOARS AGAIN

The Cree women of Northern Quebec have the second-highest rate of gestational diabetes reported in an Aboriginal group worldwide. That’s the finding of a two-year study published May 4 in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. Nearly 13 per cent of Cree women giving birth were found to have gestational diabetes, which occurs ... read more ››


Even though Hydro-Quebec is looking at a partnership with the Crees, they’re mum about any deals. Hydro spokeswoman Claudine Aucuit said the utility felt it was too early to go into any details. “In any case that’s privileged information between the partners,” said Aucuit. She said a deal would have to be ... read more ››

Happy Mother’s Day

Mothers, we often take them for granted even though they are the ones who went through pain to bear us. Not only during birth but also during the time they carried a loved one. It makes a link that was never truly severed with the umbilical cord. Some always remember ... read more ››

Ice storm disaster to remain a mystery

We’ll never know why Hydro-Quebec’s system failed prematurely in the 1998 ice storm. That’s the conclusion of the Nicolet commission, which has released its report into Canada’s worst recorded disaster. Hydro-Quebec failed to compile data on why its lines collapsed, the commission found. Clean-up crews also didn’t safeguard damaged components of ... read more ››

In Dams We Trust

What would happen if one of the dams busted? It’s a mind-boggling thought. Hydro-Quebec says there’s almost no chance it could happen. But that’s why we have emergency plans. Just in case. In the summer of 1996, the world watched as dams in the Saguenay region gave way in a wild ... read more ››

Inquiry had many HQ connections

Was the Nicolet commission destined to fail? The commission was created last year to tell us what went wrong with Hydro-Quebec’s system in the 1998 ice storm. The commission released its report last month. The conclusion: it couldn’t find out why Hydro’s lines failed prematurely. To some observers, the Nicolet commission’s lack ... read more ››

The Nation nominated for eight awards

The Nation has been nominated for eight awards by the Quebec Community Newspaper Association. The winners will be announced at the QCNA spring convention held in picturesque Hotel Mont Gabriel May 28 and 29. The QCNA has 32 member papers. A new entry for the awards is columnist Xavier Kataquapit. Sally ... read more ››

War games were big when we were small.

War games were big when we were small. I don’t mean those tame cowboys and Indians games with cap guns popping or even today’s fancy computerized versions of W.W.II. Oooh noooo, these were fierce medieval-style battles on recess grounds inspired by those old films they’d screen in St. Philip’s chapel every ... read more ››