Volume 5, Issue 20

“Life is a glass-full of maraschino charries”

Leo (July 23-Aug 23) Twinkle, twinkle little Leo. How we wonder how you are. Shining above the rest so high. Like the sunshine in the sky. Twinkle, twinkle little Leo, guess we know just how you are… (Kool, eh!) As you can see, you have reason to believe. Virgo (Aug 24-Sept ... read more ››

1,300 Kilometres by Bike

By the time you read this it will be over, but three Crees biked from Radisson toNemaska. Redfern Cheezo, Eric Cheezo and Andrew Menarick Tent took the scenic routewith stops in Chisasibi, Wemindji and Eastmain. Even though it’s a little early forsnow, the three are hoping to raise enough money ... read more ››

An interview with André Caillé

It has been a long time coming. The Nation ventured into Hydro-Quebec’s Montreal stronghold to talk to the highest power in the tower — barring the ghost of Premier Bourassa. Normally, this would be an unsettling prospect at best, given the reputation of the utility among Crees. I was about ... read more ››

Book Review

The Hiram Key Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas Published by Arrow Books Limited 1997 Non Fiction Jesus was a Mason! Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas are a couple of Freemasons who decided to look into the origins of their Craft. The results of their inquiry – published as The Hiram Key — are so utterly ... read more ››

Charge of the PQ dim parade

Much ink will be spilled in the next couple of weeks over the words of wisdom handed down from the Supreme Court on the legality of Quebec’s drive for independence. However, it is the rhetoric coming out of the blockade at Listuguj that is providing a more illuminating look at the ... read more ››

Cree Women to Gather

From August 22 to 25, Cree women are invited to gather at Old Nemaska. The gathering’spurpose is to get Cree women’s positions on Cree governance, economic development,family, community development, health and social services, youth, police and justice, andwellness and healing issues. The gathering is requested by Grand Chief Matthew Coon ... read more ››

Dene first victims of the atom bombs

White doves are released in Hiroshima every August 6 in the annual remembrance of those killed by the atomic bomb dropped to ensure Japan’s surrender in 1945. What most people don’t know is that they are now joined by the Dene First Nation of Eline, Northwest Territories. The village has ... read more ››

Drug Bust in Mistissini

On Friday morning, August 7, Mistissini Police seized 100 grams of cocaine and 100grams of marijuana with a street value they estimate at $35,000. They also found13,000 dollars in cash at the scene of the arrest of a Mistissini resident. Chief constable Michael Petawabano said that the investigation is currentlyongoing and ... read more ››

Hockey News

Following the article of August 14, I received a few phone calls from concerned parents.I’d like to share some of the topics with you: 1. A 10-year-old faced racist remarks during hockey school this summer in the Abitibi region. His mother reported her son’s reaction was “ignore it,” which is one ... read more ››

Mi’gmaq blockade down for now

The month-long Mi’gmaq blockade of local logging operations, a sawmill and sporadic blockages of Highway 132 near their Listuguj reserve ended August 17. According to Gary Metallic, a hereditary Chief of the Mi’gmaq (Micmac to non-Natives), protesters started the blockade to protest inequities in local forestry practices, but it ended ... read more ››

New Blockade?

There’s something about summer that gets Natives outside. Just when the Quebecgovernment was heaving a sigh of relief that the Mi’gmaq blockade was dismantled alongcome rumours of another one. This time its La Romaine Montagnais First Nation on theLower North Shore. They are telling Quebec that unless the dispute over ... read more ››

Under The Northern Sky Shedding some light

When I first came out of Attawapiskat to attend high school, I was surprised and confused to hear comments from people about how I had it so good being Native. Many times, I stood by and listened to people chastise me for not paying all the taxes that other Canadians ... read more ››

World Wide Webb: Watchiya!

Watchiya! or is it What Cheer!? As the Scots put it… Or should I just greet you by raising my eyebrows in the Cree manner? Many a misunderstanding has been caused by our method of greeting with the eyebrows, and I’ve been pretty oblivious to that fact till someone pointed ... read more ››