Volume 5, Issue 13

Delay in forestry case

More delay for the Cree lawsuit on forestry. A scheduled meeting was postponed in the community of Waskaganish that would have given the lawsuit a green light to proceed. Originally scheduled for April, it was then postponed to May, and now there is more delay. Jack Blacksmith, member of the Cree Forestry Working ... read more ››

Erasmus vague about healing fund

One of the few things that came out of the Royal Commission was a small ray of hope for the many victims of residential schools. The government would be giving $350 million to help begin the healing process. But questions are arising about how the money will be spent. We have just ... read more ››

Feedback to the Entrepreneurial Series

I’ve always wanted to get into business for myself, but really didn’t know how to get started. Then one day I decided to take what I thought was the first step. I went to see the band council lawyer to find out how to open a business. He told me I ... read more ››

Great Whale off, Rupert diversion on

The Great Whale project, which resurfaced again last summer, is now apparently back on ice, say Cree sources. At the same time, we have new information that Hydro-Quebec is seriously eyeing the Rupert River and wants to revive the Eastmain River project. The proposed Rupert River project would produce two times more ... read more ››

Homecare trainees head communities

Five Cree students are on their way to being certified in homecare after an intensive10-month course. The students are learning how to care for patients and will have all the training required by hospitals for homecare. As part of their training, they left the classroom and helped out at the Chibougamau Hospital. ... read more ››

How to protect yourself

Violence against women is an everyday reality. Its possibility casts a shadow over many women’s movements in public and their safety in private. The possibility of assault terrorizes women, to the point where many feel unable to walk alone at night, ride a bus alone, or even to wear certain ... read more ››

International Bay of Mystery

On the other side of the world, there is great interest in the Great Meteor of Great Whale. A leading Russian scientist breathlessly contacted The Nation asking about the new bay north of Whapmagoostui (“Meteor Bay”). Andrei Ol’khovatov is a physicist who works at the Radio Instrument Industry Research Institute, in ... read more ››

KungFu Club wins 14 prizes

Members of the Chisasibi Shaolin Long Fist Kung Fu School walked away with 14 trophies,plaques and medals at the 18th Annual Quebec World Open Karate Championships, held in Quebec City. Fifty-five Chisasibi residents made the trip on the Cree Nation Bus. Present at the tournament were people from as far as ... read more ››

McGill offers Cree Course

Need to bone up on your Cree? McGill’s Education Dept, offers a course July 6-17 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Worth three credits. Info: (514) 398-4533. Due to an error beyond our control, we have selected a new winner of our Mother’s Day prize. We would like to congratulate Anita Mayappo’s ... read more ››

No pain if there is no gain

It was quite the Monday when I walked in the office on an angle. I learned that I was not the only one to suffer the pains of the damned. Yes, that old backpain. The familiar stoop of agonized muscles forcing you to march along slowly and quietly with that ... read more ››

Northern Highlites

We experienced something wonderful this past year. It started in October when registrations for the skating club were announced. This was only its second year. My husband and I thought about enrolling our four-year-old boy Alex, who is very energetic. It would be perfect for him, we thought. So we ... read more ››

Rez Notes

You have your Ice Age, you have your Stone Age, you have your Bronze Age, your Iron Age, your dark ages, your age of enlightenment, your Computer Age, your Age of Aquarius and, finally, you have your Information Age. Known as the Lack of Information Age in Creeland. Think of it. ... read more ››

The Screwtape Letters

The Screwtape Letters Letters from a senior to a Junior devil by C.S. Lewis Collins, London, 1942 Since the “Good Book” was reviewed in The Nation, in the interests of unobjectivity I decided to review this 160-page milestone of theology in an effort to help or hinder those still beset by doubts and ... read more ››

Whapmagoostui man dead after beating

A young man with a long history of violence is being held in connection with the murder of Sydney Bullfrog, 55, in Whapmagoostui shortly after midnight on April 30. Joseph Napartuk, 29, was arrested without a struggle in his house and charged with involuntary homicide. The charge may be raised to ... read more ››

World Wide Webb: DUNE’S STORY

I didn’t have enough space to include Dune’s story in the last issue. So here it is. DUNE’S STORY How does my side of the story start? You know as they say every story has two sides. Well if I remember correctly, the first time I met her we were in NAC ... read more ››

Your ruling houses according to Thelma & Louise

Gemini (May 20-June 21) Happy Birthday to the Twins of the zodiac! Get ready for a summer of complete and utter chaos (as if you would have it any other way, huh!) Geminis rule the 3rd house of the zodiac, this is where your natural curiosity comes from and gets ... read more ››