I didn’t have enough space to include Dune’s story in the last issue. So here it is.


How does my side of the story start? You know as they say every story has two sides. Well if I remember correctly, the first time I met her we were in NAC (Native American Chat) and someone came in asking if there were any Native Americans in there, what a stupid question, of course there are it’s the name of the chat room. I said as much and then I got this IM (Instant Message…It’s also private -Ed.) from her saying how she agreed with me. We picked on this person for awhile, hehehehehe, aren’t we terrible? Anyways after that I did in fact stay away for a little while, you see I wasn’t a certified Virtual Crack addict at that point yet. Well a few months later I was surfing the net and decided to stop into VP and see what was going on. When I got into NAC, which for some reason is listed as divorced chat?, I sat there for a while playing with a new toy, gestures (a sound, video, text file -Ed). I was playing some gestures from the Simpson’s when I got this IM from Kachine saying, “Do you have this one?”, and of course I didn’t so she sent me a couple and we started talking. As it turns out someone had just broken this sweet young lady’s heart, I felt so bad my heart went out to her. I couldn’t stand to see her in such pain so I tried my hardest to pick her up. One night turned into a week and before I knew it we were chatting every night, for hours on end. I had fallen in love with a computer, I couldn’t believe it. We started talking on the phone, in VR on icq, and using freetel. Every minute we spent apart seemed like and eternity. I would rush straight home and always felt so comforted when I got home and heard, “User is online”, it made my heart beat faster and no matter how bad my day was it seemed better at that point. Then came the day when we were sitting there chatting wishing that we could spend the rest of our lives in each others arms and all of a sudden I see on the screen, “Will You Marry Me?”, not fair I yelled, because we had touched around the subject and had agreed not to talk about it till we had actually met each other in person. Yet the subject had been brought into the open and I replied, “oh god yes”. From that night on it was a question I asked her everynight, I just loved hearing her response. Those were some tough times, it felt like the day would never come when we would actually get to meet one another face to face. There was lots of crying, weeping, and whining, god was I a cry baby. Well the day finally came when she landed at the airport and into my life, I remember calling her from work at the hotel to see if she had landed safely. That was the longest night at work, I could not wait till I got to see her. When I finally got off of work and headed off to meet my destiny. I was so nervous as I was waiting down in the lobby to meet her. I called up to her room and she said she would be right down. Well if you have ever been to a Las Vegas hotel you know how big they are so I knew I had about ten minutes. I headed to the bathroom to make sure I looked okay. When I came out I saw her standing in the lobby talking to some guy, I wasn’t completely sure if it was her so I walked by and stood around the comer and waited. Sure enough she came by and started looking around the lobby for me so I came up behind her and said,’’Hello”, she turned around and started walking backwards staring at me. It was so sweet, butthen I was worried she would trip and hurt herself so I made her stop to give me a hug.From the moment I held her in my arms I knew it was the woman I would spend the rest ofmy life with. The rest as they say is history, except that the fact that every morningwhen I wake up and see that angel sleeping next to me I thank the Creator for giving memy destiny and not allowing me to let it slip from my grasp.

Well, what can I say? As of this writing I hadn’t gotten an update on their wedding yet.Don’t know if any Elvis impersonators crashed the wedding. I am still researching the“horror stories” of the net for you.