Volume 5, Issue 11

A Void from the Land A decision from the people

The James Bay Crees of Northern Quebec are again being asked to speak and take a stand regarding further development on their lands. This development is the mining industry which is now in progress and in the stage where it’s now a reality. It is now very urgent to consider ... read more ››

Band Job Descriptions

CHIEF Leaps tall buildings in a single bound Is more powerful than a locomotive Is faster than a speeding bullet Walks on water Gives policy to God DEPUTY CHIEF Leaps short buildings in a single bound Is more powerful than a switch engine Is just as fast as a speeding bullet Walks on ... read more ››

Between Friends Questionnaire results

Here are the rest of the results that were sent in response to our Questionnaire. They show what was voted the ‘most popular’in the following categories: Clothing Store: Le Chateau Reitnmans, Northern, Gap Movie: Titanic Magazine: Sports Illustrated The Nation Music: Country Rock Daytime TV: All My Children Jerry Springer Nighttime TV: David Letterman Beverly Hills 90210 ER X-Files Friends Seinfeld (Playboy got one vote – whatever) Author: Steven King Margaret Sam Cromarty Politician: William Mianscum Pierre Trudeau Athlete: Elvis Stojko Patrick ... read more ››

Cree land to be flooded

A 160-year-old Hudson’s Bay Co. document proves that Crees have a historic attachment to the Lake Megiscane area, which will be flooded by Hydro-Quebec’s latest hydro plan. Hydro-Quebec doesn’t recognize the Cree presence in the area. But the Cree presence is mentioned in an 1836 report of the “Michiskun” Hudson’s Bay ... read more ››

Cree recycling investment scheme dead

The plan to invest up to $27 million of Cree heritage funds in a questionable U.S. recycling scheme is now dead. “For all intents and purposes, the project is dead,” said Bill Grodinsky, corporate secretary of the Cree Regional Authority. Grodinsky said both Crees and promoter Walter Childress, a Texas entrepreneur, pulled ... read more ››

cree@large (April 24, 1998)

It’s no wonder Mistissini’s Stephanie Mianscum is the reigning champion of the Nemaska FitnessChallenge. She’s impossible to catch up to when she’s on the move. We did manage to catch up with her,briefly, for a quick photo shoot. After which she was off and running again. This time for a ... read more ››

Cromarty Last week, I was in Waskaganish…

April 1, 1998 Last week, I was in Waskaganish. This fascinating old Rupert House Post has an interesting past image Established in 1668. And I must say it has an exciting present, too, in 1998. What I noticed right away was the river; I belong here I thought. Waskaganish has a rare traditional spirit. Their town is ... read more ››

Enviro-budget slashes

The Bouchard government has slashed spending on the environment to less than a third of what it wasunder the Liberals, says Greenpeace. Spending in 1993-94 was $776 million, but fell to $217 million in 1997-98. This, despite the PartiQuébécois electoral platform which promises to make “the ecological crisis” a top priority.

Extend Native tax exemption: merchants

The Chibougamau Chamber of Commerce is lobbying the Quebec government to expand the Native taxexemption. The 180-member association wants Native consumers to be able to purchase goods and services, and take delivery of them in town, without paying sales taxes. Presently, Natives are exempt only if the product is delivered to a reserve. Nancy ... read more ››

Goose Hunt’98

The geese are flying! And Cree hunters are oiling up their guns, buying supplies, checking out camping equipment and doing what they need to do to take off into the bush with a few unfortunates saying goodbye to the women and having to do their own plucking. Once again Cree ... read more ››

HQ in cut flow of Nottoway, Bell rivers

Hydro-Quebec has officially announced plans for its first-ever project in southern James Bay — the diversion of the Megiscane River, a tributary of the Bell and Nottaway. The Megiscane now flows northwards. If Hydro gets a green light, the first 125 kilometres of the river will be diverted southward into the ... read more ››

Let’s Get It On

Secret Fighting Arts of the Worldby John F Glbey Rutland, Vermont, 1963, Charles E. Tuttle Co. It’s always interesting to hear people describe a special fighting move they like to use. Here’s the one this book starts off with. As a boy, author John Gibey is walking in a park with two young ... read more ››

New Cree church

First Nations Ministries have taken a big step of faith to purchase a $145,000 building in Val d’Oras a church for James Bay Crees. Rev. Billy Ottereyes signed the sales contract and says he hopes Crees will donate funds regardless oftheir church affiliation. He would like the “Cree Evangel Centre” to ... read more ››

Rez Notes

There are few things I fear more than radio. More specifically my having to talk on the radio. Several days ago one of the local stations called to ask for an interview. The night before the taping I was so nervous I stayed up half the night eating cold General Tao ... read more ››

Sadie’s Walk raises diabetes awareness

Sadie Muik was a Native woman from out west. She was a well-loved woman who worked to raise awareness of diabetes. Tragically, she was killed by a logging truck. Her community started a yearly walk to honour her memory. The walk for Sadie has grown. Each year, Native communities across Canada ... read more ››

Shake-up at 381

More ugliness at “381.” The sudden departure of the manager and another employee has shaken up things at the beloved rest stop on the James Bay Highway. The “lay-offs” followed a screaming match last summer in which a gas bar attendant refused to serve some Cree travellers. It all started when Christopher ... read more ››

Slapped silly

Another step has been taken in the unending struggle of the Lubicon Lake Crees for some real Canadian justice. A small group of their supporters, the Friends of the Lubicon, will be allowed to continue its boycott against the Daishowa paper-making giant of Japan. Daishowa wanted the courts to rule the ... read more ››

The Great Outdoors Show

On March 18-22nd this years Great Outdoor Show saw an increase in Crees participating. I found most ofthem in the Aboriginal Site and a few on the main floor. In fact the Aboriginal Site allowed Natives tohave their own area and added a distinct flavor to the show. When entering the ... read more ››

Your Horrorscope

The Taurus (April 20-May 19) Happy B-Day to our brass bulls. What starts off as curiosity could lead you to a whole new dimension. Piece of advice to you from: “When I look back on all these memories, I remember the story of the old man who said, on his death ... read more ››