ARTICLES BY Margaret Sam-Cromarty

Cromarty Last week, I was in Waskaganish…

April 1, 1998 Last week, I was in Waskaganish. This fascinating old Rupert House Post has an interesting past image Established in 1668. And I must say it has an exciting present, too, in 1998. What I noticed right away was the river; I belong here I thought. Waskaganish has a rare traditional spirit. Their town is ... read more ››

Lessons from Nagano

During the entire two weeks of the 1998 Olympic Winter Cames I was off to Nagano. I came face to face with my distint cousins, the Japanese. I loved Nagano, it’s hard to believe during the nuclear era, a bomb fell on Hiroshima wiping it out Later there would Nagano. ... read more ››

Caretakers of this planet

This story in our first issue was the first of many contributions by Margaret Sam Cromarty. Dec. 1, 1993 (Vol. 1, No.1) This is the Year of the Indigenous People, for the world to recognize this unique culture that exists today. The question is: What have we done to promote our culture here at ... read more ››